Alfredo Adame makes a scene of jealousy to Magaly Chávez in full reality show

Apparently the actor does not like that his girlfriend lives with a participant of the program.

Disputes and misunderstandings during the reality show ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!’, They were already present, because one of the altercations was the protagonist, one of the most controversial couples of the moment, Alfredo Adame Y Magaly Chavezthis due to the jealousy of the actor.

Among one of the reality show’s participants is the model Guty Carrerawho has captured the eyes of all the participants, including the fiancee of Adame.

Obviously, the former driver did not let this action go unnoticed and began to act offended during the program, even ignoring Magalywho tried to talk to him on several occasions, yesterday.

explodes in jealousy

It was during this transmission that the adameexploded, because just when both participated in a dynamic, the couple had the opportunity to speak alone, for which the actor spoke of his jealousy.

Don’t turn around to see Guty anymore. You know that when Adame goes to my head, I can even kill, “Alfredo Adame threatened his fiancee.

In the meantime, Magaly Chavez She confessed that she thought that her boyfriend was changed, but that his attitudes showed her that he was not, since he continues to get carried away by the provocations of his companions.

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