Algaloop grows algae in greenhouses for agriculture, medicine and cosmetics

Algaloop facilities in the Guipuzcoan town of Asteasu.

The start up Algaloop will exploit a model developed by the University of the Basque Country (UPV) in greenhouses in Asteasu (Gipukoa) to cultivate microalgae for agriculture, medicine and cosmetics

The cultivation of microalgae has great potential thanks to its application in numerous fields, but also because it is very ecological, since it recycles polluting compounds very efficiently.

The Basque Country has taken the first step in exploiting this crop, with an initiative involving researchers from the UPV, the start-up Algaloop and the Basque Government through its local action aid program for the fishing sector.

The project, presented this Monday, is led by the Basque University’s Basque Microalgae Culture Collection (BMCC) and consists of developing a small-scale microalgae growth model, which will be carried out at the Algaloop farm, located in an agrovillage in the Gipuzkoan town of Asteasu.

Species with proven commercial results will be cultivated in these aquaculture facilities, specifically Chlorella vulgaris, Haematococcus lacustris and Arthrospira platensis. The project will attempt to discover its biochemical composition for future use in the food, nutraceutical, natural cosmetics and biofertilizer sectors.

The Basque Collection of Microalgae Cultures has several initiatives underway to value these microorganisms “and turn them into a source of resources in the near future in many fields”, explains its director, Sergio Seoane.

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