Alianza Lima – Guillermo Salas on defeat: “The fan is upset, but we have time to correct”

Alianza Lima failed to capture a good performance and lost 3-0 against National Athletic In colombia. The Medellín team was more compact in all its lines, while the two-time Peruvian champion did not find the path to a good result despite his reinforcements. Thus the blue and white coach Guillermo Salas admitted that these defeats are a lesson for the rest of the season.

“These matches are important to us, that’s why we need them. It helps us draw many conclusions before the start of the local tournament and before the start of an international tournament,” Salas told the press upon Alianza’s arrival from Colombia.

“You learn a lot. We draw many conclusions that remain within our technical command and the players, and well here there are no secrets. Work and work for the start of the championship,” he added ‘Chicho’ Rooms which emphasized that Alianza must improve in the upcoming matches.

“I think so, we didn’t play a good game, we’re aware, but their goals were our fault. So we have to correct ourselves, we have time. That’s why we set up these games because they help us a lot.

Rooms on the fans of Alianza

“In fact, the fans are upset and mortified with us, but well, we don’t like to lose and it’s a good thing that happened now. They’ll see the face of the team later,” concluded Salas, who is already preparing the work for the premiere of his team in League 1 Betsson 2023.

Alianza will visit Atlético Grau in Piura for the first date of the Clausura Tournament.


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