Alias ​​El Indio owned 41,000 million pesos in assets

Aristides Manuel Meza Páez, alias El Indio, one of the top leaders of the ‘Clan del Golfo’, killed in a police operation He didn’t bother to hide the fact that he was a drug dealer and that his profits allowed him the eccentricities of a capo. Thus he amassed a fortune that amounted to 41,000 million pesos that are now in the hands of the State.

The Prosecutor’s Office carried out a domain extinction operation that included the properties that alias El Indio had owned for years and that became the clearest example of the essence of the Clan del Golfo: drug trafficking.

“In development of the ‘Argenta’ strategy, arranged by the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, to affect the finances of criminal organizations and drug trafficking, the Specialized Directorate of Domain Right Extinction occupied 598 assets that would be part of the illegal assets of alleged members of the Clan del Golfo, “said the Prosecutor’s Office.

Among the 598 assets, which are now in the hands of the State, the Prosecutor’s Office included 10 rural properties, five urban properties, eight vehicles, two companies and a business establishment, and 572 livestock. All were left with precautionary measures of “suspension of the dispositive power, embargo, kidnapping and possession”.

For the Prosecutor’s Office, it is evident that the millionaire properties were acquired thanks to the criminal activities related to drug trafficking that he carried out. alias El Indio, in favor or at the service of the criminal organization of the Clan del Golfo and its maximum ringleader Dairo Antonio Usuga, alias Otoniel, extradited to the United States.

“The investigation shows that these assets appear in the name of Aristides Manuel Meza Páez, alias El Indio, who was one of the top leaders of the ‘Clan del Golfo’. This man died in a procedure carried out by the public force in March 2018in a rural area of ​​the corregimiento of Tierradentro, in Montelíbano (Córdoba)”, explained the Prosecutor’s Office when providing details of the occupation.

In the possession of the investigators of the domain forfeiture directorate are the statements, evidence and details of processes that the Prosecutor’s Office carried out for years and that corroborate the link that the Clan del Golfo would have with drug trafficking, mainly in the shipment of drugs to Central America and Europe.

“The evidence material collected showed that ‘El Indio’ would be responsible for international cocaine trafficking, in addition to coordinating the armed structures with influence on the Caribbean and Pacific coast”, said the Specialized director of Extinction of Domain Law, Liliana Patricia Donado Sierra.

All assets were made available to the Special Assets Company for its administration, the entity that is in charge of managing the properties which are subject to domain extinction by the Prosecutor’s Office. The assets amount to 41,000 million pesos and are located in Arjona and Turbaco (Bolívar), Medellín (Antioquia) and Bogotá.

The domain forfeiture procedures against the Clan del Golfo are part of the Argenta strategy, led by prosecutor Francisco Barbosa and which, according to the same accusing entity, in the last two years, leaves the occupation assets of criminal organizations that exceed 22 billion pesos.

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