Alicante hosts debate on impact of new technologies on healthy longevity

ALICANTE. World Longevity Forum in Alicante consolidated – with the celebration of its Third edition– a benchmark in the field of longevity, offering a unique space for international convergence for exchange of ideas and creation of synergy between different players in the sector.

So this becomes an opportunity to be part of this event that aims to revolutionize knowledge and practice in the field of longevity by breaking down preventive medicine, epigenetics and lifestyle and their impact on longevity and healthy aging.

Next October 17th and 18th, Alicante will be the epicentre scientific community, innovation ecosystem and industry linked to the sector. The Mediterranean city combines various distinctive factors to position itself as center The European benchmark in the longevity industry.

The World Longevity Forum in Alicante will celebrate its third edition with an innovative format that combines virtual and in-person development. This hybrid approach will allow participants to benefit from all the benefits of a conference of this kind from anywhere in the world, providing an enriching and accessible experience. In addition, scientists, experts and technologists will present research that promises to change the course of the biology of aging and open new frontiers in human health.

After two successful editions, the world’s pioneering longevity congress has become a globally renowned event in the science and research of longevity and healthy ageing. The third edition of LWF will also present important discoveries in the genetics of ageing that have the potential to extend the healthy lives of millions of people.

first conference The third World Longevity Forum is being held in Alicante Toren FinkelProfessor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, who will address the issue of longevity and healthy aging with a presentation entitled: “From Repair Mechanisms to Interventions.”

Finkel has published landmark papers in the field, including one in Nature on his discovery of how cells rebuild a “recycling system” that promotes longevity. This publication was a major step toward understanding and treating age-related diseases caused by lysosomal leakage, such as Alzheimer’s.

New technologies for a better and higher quality of life

The World Longevity Forum in Alicante will be divided into two days. The first day will be dedicated to science of longevityand the second one will focus on technologies and trendsBoth days will feature talks, debates and conferences on science and research, technological development and the latest trends in the industry, providing a meeting place for experts and enthusiasts in these fields.

The event will feature renowned speakers from around the world who will share their knowledge and achievements in the field of longevity. Topics will include the latest scientific discoveries, innovations in the healthcare sector and developments in e-health, offering a comprehensive and renewed vision for life extension and well-being in old age.

In this sense, the presence of the doctor and the researcher stands out. Salvador Masip (University of Oberta de Catalunya), who will give a talk on aging, senolytics and longevity, entitled “Killing Cells to Live (Longer): The Era of Breast Healing”.

Likewise, the researcher Mercedes Ayuso (University of Barcelona) in its presentation on the key socio-economic aspects of “Longevity” seeks to answer in its explanation: “The Economics of Aging: What Are We Facing?”.

In addition to the presentations and round tables, the World Longevity Forum in Alicante will include parallel initiatives aimed at disseminating information in order to bring knowledge about longevity to a wider audience. These complementary initiatives aim to increase interest and understanding of healthy ageing and the opportunities that this field offers.

The conference is aimed at all people whose scientific, business, social and economic interests are related to longevity. This includes healthcare professionals and researchers, companies in the sector, eHealth start-ups, students and anyone interested in this topic. The global accessibility of the event will allow stakeholders from anywhere in the world to participate, overcoming geographical barriers and promoting a global community of knowledge and collaboration.

About the World Longevity Forum in Alicante

The World Longevity Forum was founded in 2018 as an international meeting place for the scientific, academic and longevity industry communities. After two successful editions, it has become a world-renowned event in the field of science and research on longevity and healthy aging.

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