Alicia Cervantes boasts Aubameyang’s congratulations for her Dragon Ball-style celebration

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang responded to one of the comments made by Alicia Cervantes, from Chivas Femenil, to the reference to Dragon Ball in a celebration

Alice Cervantesplayer of chivas female, bragged about his conversation with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyangstriker of Barcelona. Through social networks, ‘Licha’ shared the exchange of messages with the Gabonese, all thanks to the fact that he celebrated a goal as the African striker usually does.

In the first instance, Cervantes shared a photo of one of his celebrations so far in the Women’s MX League and tagged ‘Auba‘. In said image, the scorer of the pink contest put her fingers on her forehead as the battering ram of the Blaugrana painting does in reference to the Japanese cartoon dragon ball.

Immediately, Auba She replied and both had a brief exchange of messages, where it was Aubameyang who congratulated her on her goals and the celebration.

“Go. And congratulations on the goal and the celebration”, the Spanish team player named the best scorer so far this season in the Mexican league.

And it is that ‘Licha‘ in the end he made a comparison of his celebration with one of Aubameyang and one more of ‘Goku‘, the character they both refer to by holding their fingers to their foreheads.

for now, Cervantes She has 13 goals in 10 games and is the best scorer in the Women’s MX League above Charlyn Corralplayer of Pachuca which adds 12 goals so far in the contest.

What’s more, ‘Licha‘ is concentrated with the women’s national team ahead of the qualifying games of the Concacaf in view of Anguilla and Puerto Ricowhich will be on April 9 and 12, respectively.

For its part, aubameyang He has seven goals in eight league games since joining Barcelona in February this year.

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