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The name of Robert Roman has been in the public eye in recent days not only for your new projectsbut also because of some scandals that revolve around his love life. Recently, more than one former or outgoing partner has come out to talk about the relationship they had with the Mexican, revealing that it was not a good experience.

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What has been said about Romano leaves much to be desired, since the women who have known him more intimately seem not to want to hear his name again. One of the last to comment was Natalia Alcocerknown for her participation in the second season of Survivor Mexicoas well as the actress and model, Alicia Machado.

Roberto Romano was the star of the sixth season of "United States Exathlon" (Photo: Telemundo)
Roberto Romano was the star of the sixth season of “Exatlón Estados Unidos” (Photo: Telemundo)


Natalia Alcocer attended the program ‘The hot table’ to confirm your participation in the reality show ‘The House of the Famous’, last April 14. There the presenters took the opportunity to question her about the romance she had with the actor Roberto Romano, without imagining the clear answer she would give.

“Whose? I don’t know who he is, really. No, I do not know who it is. The truth is that in my life there are only important people, only beautiful people and well people, sorry for the word, but shitty people, not even in memory, so, well no. I don’t know who he is.” Alcocer said.

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Natalia Alcocer participated in Survivor Mexico 2021 (Photo: Instagram/Natalia Alcocer)
Natalia Alcocer participated in Survivor Mexico 2021 (Photo: Instagram/Natalia Alcocer)


Faced with the comments about Romano, the driver veronica bastos He highlighted having seen on social networks that the only ex-partner of the actor who has spoken well of him has been Alicia Machadowith whom she was in a relationship until 2021. However, the Venezuelan was in charge of denying this, implying that she supports Alcocer’s comments.

“The only ex who still speaks well of him @machadooficial,” wrote a follower in a publication on the official Suelta La Sopa account, to which Machado immediately replied: “@jarzsb I correct you, I don’t speak well, I just don’t speak.”

Alicia Machado announced the end of her relationship with Roberto Romano in 2021 (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
Alicia Machado announced the end of her relationship with Roberto Romano in 2021 (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)


Following the statements of the former participant of Survivor Mexico, Robert Roman He decided not to remain silent and denied having had a formal relationship with the young woman, stating that his was something temporary and from a long time ago.

“Natalia and I were never a couple, she was never my girlfriend. I have only had four formal girlfriends in my whole life, when I say formal I mean that it has been known what my partner was and that I take her with my family and all that, I have only had four formal girlfriends “, expressed in the program ‘The Hot Table’.

Romano said that he met Natalia at the CEA (Artistic Education Center), time in which they had intimate encounters; however, things did not end well: “With Natalia, she was my classmate from the acting school, we studied at the CEA, we graduated in 2013 and well, we did have our ‘things’ there, we liked each other, but that was it. Nothing formal was ever done, nor did we finish in the best way”.

Likewise, he was surprised by the young woman’s statements, since almost a decade has passed since they stopped frequenting each other.

“I am very surprised that ten years later these things come out, I was really surprised and it caused me a lot of intrigue to know how someone keeps something eight or nine years, so many years to wait a moment to hurt someone”, express.


Roberto Romano thanked for being invited to this program, to which he longed to belong because he considers himself someone very competitive and above all because he is an athlete. Likewise, he did not miss the opportunity to thank the reality show for having given him a showcase.

“I think life prepares you for what’s next. It was not in my plans to enter another reality show, but with so many cameras and microphones 24×7 in ‘The house of the famous’, once I said that I would like to participate in ‘Exatlón Estados Unidos’ and that’s where they listened “he indicated in an interview with People VIP of People en Español.

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