Alicia Machado arrived showing the dental floss to “The House of Celebrities 2”

Alicia Machado winner of the first edition of “The House of the Famous” returned triumphantly to the place where it all began. We saw her going into dental floss and she came to turn on the lights in the house that she herself turned off when she won the competition.

The table is served and the house where the new participants of the network’s reality show will live Telemundo, The House of the Famous 2was redecorated with a special invitation that gave more to talk about in the first edition and winner, Alicia Machado. Very sure of herself and as we have seen lately arrived showing the dental floss in a transparent gold dress.

The controversial Venezuelan actress, singer and host Alicia Machado He arrived with his great body, which he harvested in part there, to “The House of Celebrities 2” to welcome. There she expressed her best wishes to the new participants of what is expected to be the show with the highest rating on Spanish-language television in the United States.

Thus he made his triumphal entry full of nerves and a lot of emotion. In this way, the first gala of the program began, which brings together great celebrities of Hispanic entertainment such as: Julia Gama, Lewis Mendoza, Nacho Casano, Mayeli AlonsoOsvaldo Rios, Rafael Nieves, Salvador Zerboni, Niurka Marcos, Laura BozzoFoal, Brenda Zambrano, Tony CostaNatalia Alcocer, Daniella Navarro, Eduardo Rodriguez, Yvonne Montero and Juan Vidal. The same ones that will be strategically measured to reach the end of the controversial competition.

Alicia Machado offered a message full of optimism to all participants and wishing love, blessings and joy for all families who enjoy the program. Being many part of her public that supported her to become the first winner of this program. Then, she could see the arrival of the famous one by one. We already know that many of them will give a lot to talk about because: “This real-life soap opera is just beginning.”

Chain Telemundo generated many expectations regarding the participants of this new edition and achieved a varied pull of participants who arrived full of enthusiasm to meet the goal of winning $200 thousand dollars.

Alicia Machado He dedicated himself to sharing on his social networks the “moment by moment” since he was on his way to the studio where it was recorded “the house of celebrities 2” on the Mexico City. She then appeared dressed in a sexy orange dress with crystal appliqués that she let see the silhouette of your dental floss. The transparencies left nothing to the imagination.

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