Alicia Machado from the back shows off her rear in a lace panties

Alice Machado.

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Alicia Machado published a video on her social networks in which she shows a photo session she made. The former Venezuelan Miss Universe and winner of the first season of La Casa de los Famosos posed wearing girdles and dancing around the set while she showed off her figure wearing these garments.

While wearing girdles that covered part of her legs, from one moment to another an image appeared in which Machado only wore a small lace thong and when he turned on his back he exposed his entire rear.

In the upper part of the body, she wore a matching bra with a thong and boasted a black abdominal girdle.

“Glorious day. Meeting between women, vision and work. Get ready, because we all deserve the figure we dream of, “the Venezuelan wrote to accompany this video.

Alicia Machado’s publication has so far almost 17,000 likes on Instagram and more than 450 comments from her most loyal followers.

“You do not know the great body that forms you,” Machado replied to one of the comments in which she was told that she did not need to wear a girdle.

Alicia Machado was the winner of the first season of La Casa de los Famosos and being inside the house he started a process to lose weight that has given him many results.

Sometimes she was accused of having undergone an operation to facilitate weight loss, but she stressed that not all these processes to lose kilos had to go through the hands of a surgeon.

The Venezuelan constantly on her Instagram account boasts of the sensual figure she enjoys having.

A few weeks ago, the former universal beauty queen was seen showing off her figure by opening her jacket and showing the sensual black lace bra she had under the orange garment.

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Alicia Machado turns on the nets with her natural beauty and covered by foam from a bathtub

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