Alicia Machado returns to The House of the Famous

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Alicia Machado returns to television

The second season of the Telemundo reality show is ready to return, the production is sharpening the last details to show what they are made of, and they are revealing the new celebrities that will enter the competition, to the surprise of all our eternal Miss Universe, Alicia Machado , returns to the reality show that positioned her as number one.

Alicia Machado was the absolute winner of the last edition of La Casa de Los Famosos, she not only won first place but also received the support of the public with 40 million votes from viewers and the sum of 200 thousand dollars in cash.

Alicia returns to the most famous house on Hispanic television

Although we will not see Alicia as another contestant inside the house, she herself confirmed that she will have a very special participation, we will not know what role the singer will also play, but due to her experience she can serve as a reference or “godmother” of this second season , due to his development as a leader within the most famous house on Hispanic television.

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Alicia is a great reference, because she has participated in a similar reality show when her career was beginning, she was in the “VIP Farm” where she starred in a sex scandal, because in La Casa de Los Famosos she repeated the formula in going to bed with Roberto Romano and ends up covered by the sheets, because our dear Alicia is an expert in this format.

“’The house of the famous 2′ is coming again. We are already recording, I understand that (it is coming) in May, I will have a very cool participation there, ”says a happy Alicia Machado. She also assures that this time she will behave better since many people watch the program and therefore it represents a great responsibility since some people take it as an example.

Alicia did not plan to win the love of her fans

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“I did not plan to win the love and affection of the people. I did not plan it and if I earned it it is because surely my way of being and my way of seeing life empathizes with billions of people. That is my success and that is what I have had to reflect on… and understand that. Now for me, it doesn’t just mean that they have given me the opportunity to win and I earned money and to continue doing my artistic career that I love, but that now I have a very big responsibility. I have to continue being good people“Machado assured in an exclusive interview with the program “La Mesa Caliente”.

Second season of The House of the Famous

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La Casa de Los Famosos will premiere on May 10 at 7pm/6c on Telemundo. The reality show will return with episodes packed with drama. For two and a half months, 16 Hispanic celebrities will remain without contact or communication with the outside world, and there will be 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones recording 24 hours a day to see what they do, how they behave and how isolation touches their lives.

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