Alicia Machado’s daughter wants breast implants as a birthday present


Alicia Machado was very surprised when I recently asked his daughter what i wanted as gift for his fifteen years and she replied that nothing would make her happier than putting on some breast implants to increase the size of her bust.

The former Miss Universe knows better than anyone how much a young woman can suffer because of her physical appearance, because hers came under intense scrutiny after she won the beauty pageant in 1996but is unwilling to fix her teenage daughter’s insecurities through plastic surgery.

“I told him no. Under my roof and while I’m underage, no. First she must love herself and accept herself”, she revealed on the program ‘Ventaneando’.

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as a mother, Alicia try to talk honestly with your daughter about these kinds of topics to make her understand that her body is still developing and she doesn’t know how she will feel about her figure in a few years.

However, she also understands that she will have a free hand when she is of legal age and would never reproach her for finally deciding to undergo surgery.

“When she sees herself in the mirror and feels beautiful without anything, then she can do what she wants there,” she concluded.

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