Alicia Vikander to shoot dystopian climate change film in Tenerife

SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE (EFE). – Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for “The Danish Girl”, will shoot this month in Erico, south of Tenerife, based on an Anglo-German production. The wretched world of the future is hovering over the consequences of climate change.

Vikander will be joined by Elizabeth Olsen, and the two will shoot for ten days at the same location in Eriko where “Clash of the Titans” was filmed at the time, a private property now undergoing environmental cleanup and rehabilitation. Production company assembling the sets.

As the production company said in a statement, the filming will involve a minimum investment of 1.7 million euros and more than 60 local people will participate in the production and contract for various services, including 600 hotel nights.

He added, at a time when the Hollywood screenwriters and actors’ strike is affecting both production companies and service providers, this independent European co-production is “a breath of fresh air” for the audiovisual economy in the Canary Islands. .

In this regard, he recalls that in 2022 the audiovisual industry will grow the most in the economy of the Canary Islands, with much greater growth than other sectors such as tourism, primary or new technologies, constituting “a real diversification”. does. insular economy.

With 164 productions in 2022, 128% more than the previous year, shooting has an investment of 224 million euros, excluding advertising, and a huge impact on the direct recruitment of 15,300 jobs.

However, the aforementioned strike in Hollywood has halted production, filming and promotion of audiovisual projects by major studios, affecting not only the entertainment industry, such as movie theaters and television channels, but also all sectors of support such as catering companies. does. construction, rental and costume design, cleaning, logistics and transportation.

If last year there were 5,483 days of filming on all the islands, independent European productions like this one, which will be shot in abades and nationally, are today the only productions that can sustain the sector and its associated jobs. The producer.

Canarian service providers Volcano Films and So Near the Paradise are working on filming which will star Vikander and Olsen, and are doing all pre-production on the islands.

It is produced by English No. 9 Films, with lead producer Stephen Walley, Oscar nominee for films such as “The Crying Game” and “Interview with the Vampire”, and German Augenschen-Filmproduktion, which is responsible for his most recent productions. “Mother Mary” starring Anne Hathaway.

The film is the feature film debut of French director Fleur Fortune. efe

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