All about “Barbie”, the new movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

the first doll Barbie went on sale in 1959, dressed in a black and white swimsuit. From there, Barbara Millicent Roberts has been more than 130 professions and is a reference for all girls in the world.

Mattel’s most famous doll has had different animated films that recount her adventures, but now we will see a live action which is everything fans are NOT thinking they might see on tape about this toy.

The film has been through a lot… In 2014, Sony acquired the rights, then the actresses Amy Schumer Y Anne Hathawaypossible protagonists, left the project along with the then director and screenwriter, Alethea Jones and Olivia Milch.

Sony passed the project to Warner Bros and in 2018 it was announced that Margot Robbie was chosen to embody the doll. And so, almost nine years after the idea was put on the table, the story of Barbiethe perfect woman, who may not be so perfect.

All about “Barbie”, the new movie starring Margot Robbie

Photo: Heyday Films

What is the movie about Barbie?

The synopsis of the film is a mystery. Margot confessed that Barbie fans should put expectations aside, as they will get what they didn’t know they wanted.

One of the producers, Josey McNamara, said that director Greta Gerwig (little women) and screenwriter Noah Baumbach (story of a marriage) had subverted the tape: “All we can say is that whatever you’re thinking, it’s not”exclaimed the executive.

All about “Barbie”, the new movie starring Margot Robbie

Photo: Heyday Films

When is the movie released Barbie?

It is expected that heThe Barbie movie hits theaters on July 21, 2023. Of course, the date can be modified, since it has not yet passed to post production.

cast of the movie Barbie

the cast of Barbie it will be very diverse. Kyle Buchanan, film journalist from New York Timesrevealed that there will be three Barbies and three Kens, however, this information has not yet been officially confirmed and only two actors have been confirmed.

In the skin of Barbie will be Margot Robbie and possibly the trans actress Hari Nef. Ken will be Ryan Gosling, and maybe Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa.

They are joined by actors Emma Mackey, Nicola Coughlan, Will Ferrell, Michael Cera, Kate McKinnon and America Ferrera. There has also been talk of Dua Lipa could join Barbie in her adventures.

All about “Barbie”, the new movie starring Margot Robbie

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