All changes that connect to the jungle and the LoL map

ANDlast Sunday we lived for most important part of the year of League of Legends competitive, the final of the Worlds between T1 and Weibo Gaming. In this match we have won the fourth world championship of the Korean organization and also of Faker, the best player in history of video games. Little time has passed in the day in which we experienced so many emotions, but Riot You went to the car with very important information.

A trailer about them was released the same day. changes to the Summoner’s card from dear to 2024, but now we have expanded all this information in detail. The company makes it clear that this update is a temporary development phase, so in the end the modifications could be different. All these New items have arrived on the PBE today:

Voidgrubs and Voidmites

Riot Explain how these new creatures are made up: “Son beasts born from the void that will come again the place of the first Herald of each game before disappearing 14 minutes to make room for the Herald. Three void larvae they will appear 5 minuteseach with its own 4-minute cooldown timer, and you can appear a maximum of six in a single game“.

“When it attacks, the void larva will disappear. void mite swarm to attack his enemies. If you manage remove some Voidgrubsyour entire team will get the Hunger of the Void buff, which will be given to the user additional damage at that time to structures. This buff stacks based on the number of Voidgrubs you take down, and when you take down 5 or 6, you will also periodically summon 1 or 2 Voidmites respectively to help you take down structures.”

Herald of the Rift

he new heraldas we can see changes appearance, as we are doing all the ‘crack beasts’, but in terms of its functionality it also requires modifications. Now when you meet him, we can mount the Heraldo cover open right click at the top will allow you Handle it like you’re Zion. If the Herald crashes into a tower with someone controlling it there will be more damage and once again, the champion who rides it will have to pay off.

Empty campsites (holiday camps)

he ’empty’ This is the concept that is changing throughout the jungle and is also included in the ‘Red’, ‘Blue’ and Crab. When the update is effective, these ‘beasts’ will change their functionality from minute 20when it appears Baron Nashor. When the Nashor rises, the ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’once defeated, they will surrender ‘potential’ for all live aliasesand the Crab will reveal the location of enemies in a much larger area.

Baron Nashor

Like the Herald, the Nashor receives visual changesbut also in its forms and functions, what to expect three different types of Baron:

  • Hunter Baron: Leave the place without changing and attack all the enemies that are looking for you with a lightning bolt upon arrival.
  • Territorial Baron: Create a wall in front of the pit and approach the champions with your handy new hands.
  • All-Seeing Baron: Closing the front and opening both sides, creating a tunnel and opening a vacuum leak that causes damage to the temporal zone inside the new tunnel.

Changes on the ground

As you say, it is 2024 he will take one of them The biggest updates in League of Legends history. Plus the look and feel of your ‘vacation nights’ The map will have several modifications. with the aim of changing youth.

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