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The Rossoneri have only one result at San Siro against Liverpool, the victory. However, this may not be enough and it will therefore be necessary to keep an eye on the result of the other field, the Estádio do Dragão, where Porto and Atlético will face off. Let’s analyze all the possible combinations for the last day of Group B of the Champions League.


Liverpool 15 (dr 10)

Port 5 (dr -5)

Milan 4 (dr -2)

Atlético Madrid 4 (dr -3)

Pioli’s team must beat Liverpool at San Siro and at the same time hope that Porto will not win against Atlético. With a draw at do Dragão and a Rossoneri success, Milan would fly to the Round of 16. If, on the other hand, the Spaniards win, new criteria will come into play according to Article 17 (Equality of points-group stage) of the UEFA Champions League regulations. The first concerns the points obtained in the head-to-head matches, and here the balance is tied with one victory each, as well as the goal difference in head-to-head matches and the goals scored in the same (2-2, from this season the goal rule no longer applies. away).

Given this situation in the intersection between the two teams, the overall goal difference would initially be assessed, which currently smiles at Milan (-2 against -3 for Atlético). Even if the goal difference of both teams were to be balanced at the end of the last day, we would look at the goals scored overall in the group, with Milan currently at 5 and the colchoneros at 4. But even in this case he reigned parity, the new discriminating factor would be the number of goals scored away in the group: Milan currently lead by 3 to 2, but Atlético will have the challenge of Porto available to reverse the situation.

The Rossoneri currently occupy the third position in Group B thanks to a better goal difference against Atlético. Consequently, AC Milan access the Europa League if they win against Liverpool but at the same time Porto also wins. In the event of a Rossoneri victory and simultaneous success for the Spaniards, it will be necessary to go and look at the gap of each victory and evaluate the final goal difference, this because with a large success the colchoneros could overcome Milan even in the face of a home victory at San Siro. .

At the same time, a draw could be enough in the face of two different scenarios in Porto: a victory for the hosts or a draw between Porto and Atlético. The Rossoneri would end up in the Europa League even in the event of a defeat against Liverpool and a simultaneous knockout of Atlético in Porto, only in the event that AC Milan’s goal difference remains better than that of Atletico.

If they lose to Liverpool and Atlético at the same time, they win at least one point against Porto. Milan also eliminated in the event of a defeat against Liverpool and a possible defeat of Atlético, in the scenario in which the Rossoneri lose with two (or more) more goals than the Spaniards, who would therefore recover the disadvantage in goal difference.

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