All sizes. The secrets of the lingerie company with which Rihanna displaced Kylie Jenner as the youngest mega-tycoon in the US

Rihanna does not stop breaking records. Considered one of the best-selling artists of all time, several times awarded -she received Grammy awards, Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards among others-, the most listened to singer according to Spotify and one of the most powerful and influential celebrities in the world, according to magazines Forbes Y Timesat 34 years of age he established himself as the youngest female billionaire in the United States. The tycoon, who amassed a total fortune of 1.4 million dollars thanks to the success of her lingerie company SavageXFenty, displaced Kylie Jenner, 24, from first place.

Your lingerie firm offers an extensive size chart, from XS to 3XL. And from his website he makes a declaration of principles: “Savage X Fenty has revolutionized the lingerie industry and has redefined sexy. With affordable price points and a wide variety of fashion-forward styles, the brand celebrates courage, confidence and inclusion.”

Rihanna with her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky
Rihanna with her partner, rapper A$AP RockyInstagram

“I never thought I would earn so much money, so a number is not going to stop me from working,” the singer and entrepreneur had pointed out to the New York Times in 2019. When Rihanna’s fortune made her a billionaire, she declared that it was “really weird to get congratulatory messages from people for money.” However, her accounts do not stop growing and in April of this year she entered the world list of billionaires of Forbes. And now she’s officially America’s youngest mega-tycoon.

In its beginnings, music brought him fame and millions: since he began his career in 2003, he has distributed more than 250 million records in the world. Over time, Rihanna discovered that everything she touches turns to gold. He did collaborations with Puma, Dior and Armani. already become one celebrities world, she became a fashion icon and decided to take the leap to try her luck as a businesswoman.

Model and influencer Victoria Lashay in a Savage X Fenty design
Model and influencer Victoria Lashay in a Savage X Fenty designInstagram

Once again, he achieved success, first with the creation, in 2017, of his cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty -valued at 2.8 million dollars, outsold other celebrity brands, such as Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty, of which the LVMH group owns 50% of the shares and, since 2018, with Savage X Fenty, a lingerie firm focused on inclusion and made for all genders and sizes of people. The company exploded in sales and rapidly increased Rihanna’s fortune.

In its early days, Savage X Fenty’s only sales channel was online, and its Instagram (@savagexfenty) gained 17,000 followers in the first 24 hours. Today his networks exceed 4.5 million followers. In 2021 Savage X Fenty was valued at $1 billion. Bloomberg revealed that it is working with advisers to take the company public, which would take the value of the company, of which Rihanna owns 30%, to a value of more than 3,000 million dollars. Commercially it does not stop growing: it plans to open five physical stores this year in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia and Washington DC

Rihanna became the youngest US mogul for her lingerie brand SavageXFenty
Rihanna became the youngest US mogul for her lingerie brand SavageXFenty

Celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Gia Woods and Rico Nasty are brand ambassadors. And in September 2021, 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford, Emily Ratajkowski and Alek Wek took to her catwalk in New York. On their page they offer $30 bodysuits, $35 catsuits and bras starting at $9.98. Rumors say that Rihanna is going for more as a businesswoman and that she is preparing a line of hair care products called Fenty Hair.

While Rihanna’s career as a singer hit an impasse in 2017, this isn’t going to continue for much longer. The fortune of the celebrity promises to continue growing since she has a new album in process. Thus, his coffers will have income again from the world of music, in addition to the businessman.

The variety of models and colors, in addition to sizes, characterize the brand
The variety of models and colors, in addition to sizes, characterize the brand

Born in Barbados and discovered in 2003, her father was a warehouse supervisor. Of Afro-Barbadian and Irish descent, her genes formed an explosive combo. To her humble origins was added a hard childhood, due to the alcoholism and addiction of a beating father. Without a doubt, her early years forged a strong character that would drive her in a few years to stand out in everything she undertook. In 2003 she formed a musical trio with two classmates and was lucky enough to be discovered in her native Barbados by music producer Evan Rogerswhich would later bring her to the United States and introduce her to major record labels.

Once positioned in the field of music, songs like Umbrella, SOS, Unfaithful, Good Girl Gone Bad and Don’t Stop are some of the hits that made Rihanna go around the world. Many more will continue to appear. Her facet as an entrepreneur also has a lot to keep betting on. In a few years the young woman who dreamed of singing became a mega tycoon at breakneck speed. However, Rihanna doesn’t seem to get dizzy. “It made sense when I realized that it was inspiring to people who felt like this is something they could achieve, knowing where I came from. Knowing my humble beginnings, they see the possibility and that gives them hope. That made me feel very happy, ”said the successful singer and businesswoman who, without a doubt, at 34 years old, her step is leaving a mark for many.

A campaign photo from Rihanna's successful lingerie brand
A campaign photo from Rihanna’s successful lingerie brandInstagram

The Size Law in Argentina

In Argentina, the Size Law (No. 27,521) was regulated in June 2021, a rule that establishes the mandatory application throughout the country of the Unique Standardized System of Clothing Sizes (SUNITI).

According to the regulations, all the clothing intended for the population over 12 years of age must be manufactured, made and marketed in accordance with that system, “whose sizes will be standardized according to the body measurements of the Argentine populationarising from an anthropometric study”, indicates the official information.

To apply the law, it will be necessary, then, to conclude the Argentine National Anthropometric Study (EAAr) that defines the shape and dimensions of the population’s bodies. From these data it will be possible to have a table of measures. Currently, INTI has surveyed approximately 60% of the sample with 3D body scanning technology.

In the Law of Sizes they are excluded: clothing called haute couture or author design; garments made to measure and, in general, those that have been made in a personalized way at the request of the co-consumers; clothing accessories: ties, scarves, handkerchiefs, stockings, gloves, hats, among others, and implements for personal protection in work tasks.

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