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Fiction on Movistar Plus+ has always had a priority role. Since the beginning of the platform, there has been a concern to bring its subscribers closer the best national and international series that were being released all over the world. Regardless of the origin of the project, if it had an interesting story and an attractive cast, that series or movie had to be in their catalog.

Thus, over the years, Movistar Plus+ has been the leader in premieres in our country. With the arrival of other streaming giants, the cake has been shared a bit, but the way of working of the company belonging to Telefónica has continued with its idiosyncrasy, being faithful to its beginnings and reinforcing its offer with new original proposals and great selections of international production.

Among his greatest successes is undoubtedly the Fargo series, a project by Noah Hawley that intended to adapt the universe created by Joel Y Ethan Coens in his XXXX movie to give him more travel. Thus, in her four seasons, she has been starred by Chris Rock (season 4), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor (season 3) or Billy Bob Thornton. With the approval (and executive production) of the Coen brothers themselves, the series has racked up 55 Emmy nominations, taking home six. Now, after two years of rest, it seems that we will finally have one more dose of Fargo.

Fargo: cast, premiere date and trailer of season 5

In line with the previous four seasons, Fargo is presented again as an anthology series. Its season 5 will relocate fiction in time and space, presenting us with a completely new original story. At the moment the only thing that FX has advanced is that the time to portray is 2019. The mystery widens if we look at the only clues that the chain has provided:“When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping?” Y “What if your wife is not yours?”

What has been made public is the main cast of the fifth season, led by Jon Ham (Mad Men, Black Mirror, Good Omens), Juno Temple (Ted Lasso, The Offer) Y Jennifer Jason Leigh (Atypical, Twin Peaks). Of the details of his characters, the names are barely known, being Roy, Dot and Lorraine, respectively.

The proposal for this fifth season is still in the development phase, so We will still have to wait to see it on FX, even more so if we think about its premiere date on Movistar Plus +. However, we still have a lot of room to dream about this series, because neither Noah Hawley nor FX have announced that they plan to make season 5 the last. I hope there is room for many more stories in Fargo!

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