All the medical schools come together to benefit the children with cancer of Fundación CAP

The CAP Foundation’s ‘Uniendo Cabezas’ event will feature a health fair led by medical students from Puerto Rico.

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February 01, 2023 | | Reading time: 4 min

Press conference of the CAP Foundation on the Uniting Heads 2023 event for children with cancer at the Pediatric Hospital. Photo: Medicine and Public Health Magazine. Fabiola Square.

During the press conference of the CAP Foundation, the non-profit organization that works for the well-being of children with cancer at the Pediatric Hospital announced that on March 30 it will hold its most famous event ‘Uniendo Cabezas 2023’, which will allow to raise funds for the patients of the Oncology Unit.

From the Coca-Cola Music Hall in the T-Mobile District starting at 8 in the morning, the 13th edition of the largest hair donation activity in Puerto Rico will take place.

Health days for the benefit of children with cancer

The Uniendo Cabezas event will have activities in addition to shaving, such as a health fair; a bloodletting by the Blood Bank (ASEM); and an event for pets Uniendo Colitas.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time in the health fair, students from the four universities with faculties of medicine from Puerto Rico. Among them are: the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Health Science University, Universidad Central del Caribe and the School of Medicine Saint John Baptist.

The presence of the students of the schools of medicine will be focused on the provision of preventive health services for all Puerto Ricans who attend the event.

Ambassadors of the CAP Foundation in 2023

In the presentation, the three CAPitanes who will be supporting the activity were announced, they are presenters of the most important television media in the country: Jaime Mayol, presenter of the Viva la Tarde program on WAPA, Ivonne Orsini, presenter of Hoy Día on Telemundo and Alex Delgado, commentator on the program Jugando Pelota Dura on TeleOnce.

In addition, the patients José Díaz González, 14 years old, and Ángela Sofía Torres Rosario, 5, from the Oncology Unit of the Pediatric Hospital and this year’s CAPitanes children will also participate.

Uniting Heads 2023 of the CAP Foundation.

Uniting Heads 2023 of the CAP Foundation.

Uniting Heads 2023 of the CAP Foundation.

The press conference was attended by representatives of public health institutions in Puerto Rico and the Department of Health.

Dr. Iris Cardona, chief medical officer of the Department of Health, was one of the participants, who highlighted the initiative of the CAP Foundation to ensure the well-being of children with cancer.

“I can attest to the work that is done there and when a child is diagnosed with cancer it is not an easy journey, but I am hopeful that many of these conditions are treatable and curable,” he said.

Donations will be invested in pediatric cancer patients in Puerto Rico

“We started 2023 full of energy and enthusiasm thanks to the support that Fundación CAP receives from everyone in Puerto Rico. We count on everyone’s support to continue our work to benefit children with cancer at the Pediatric Hospital,” said Denise Espinosa, president of the board of directors of the CAP Foundation.

Finally, Sandra Torres, executive director of the CAP Foundation, recognized the importance of donations to improve the services provided to pediatric patients.

“We want to emphasize that 100% of the funds raised stay in Puerto Rico. The donations are intended to strengthen services and keep the facilities of the Oncology Unit of the Pediatric Hospital in optimal conditions,” he explained.

Watch the press conference here.

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