All the references that Miley Cyrus dedicated to Liam Hemsworth in the single ‘Flowers’


2023 has started with two musical revenges that have dominated the news in recent days. If Shakira does not leave a puppet with her head in her session with Bizarrap, Miley Cyrus has also put the dots on her i’s to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus and Shakira have become a trend this weekend for their undoubted musical revenge. If the Colombian has filled her collaboration with Bizarrap with darts, puns and hints to Gerard Piquéthe former Hannah Montana has also made reference to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth in her recently released single Flowers.

Flowers is the first single from what will be the new album by Miley Cyrus, Endless Summer Vacationwhich is expected to be released on next March 10.

Once again, the singer reinvents herself to show a new version of herself. She has gone from being a Disney girl (The Best of Both Worlds) to get on a wrecking ball (Wreking Ball) and dog a teddy bear live (We Can’t Stop) to later bring out his most romantic side (Malibu). Now comes the musical revenge and everything indicates that flowersIt’s just the first piece of the puzzle.

“We built a house and watched it burn”

It is the most obvious phrase of all the lyrics. It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth saw how his Malibu mansion was engulfed in flames during the fires that devastated California in November 2018. In fact, the couple donated half a million dollars so that others affected could rebuild their homes.

Now Miley Cyrus includes that real and literal reference in the lyrics of the song to illustrate how her relationship with her former husband withered away. A few months after the fire they made their separation public.

“Ours was good / ours was gold”

Another of Miley’s verses in Flowers It matches perfectly with the wardrobe that the singer wears in the video clip. She appears dressed in a gold suit from the firm Ives Saint Laurent, who was also one of the couple’s fetish designers.

Dancing in a mansion in a masculine suit

Let the video clip end with the singer dancing her own song in a mansion in Los Angeles is something that many have related to the power that Miley has acquired thanks to her independence. That she wears a masculine suit could mean that She hasn’t needed any man’s help to get to where he is today.

The verses of ‘Flowers’ that respond to Liam Hemsworth’s favorite song

In 2013 the actor had commented that his favorite song was When I Was Your Man, by Bruno Mars, a theme Miley has responded to on her new single.

In Flowersthe artist makes references to the lyrics of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars (2012) but from a perspective of self-improvement and self-love. If Bruno Mars wants another man to “buy flowers” for the girl he’s in love with, Miley says there’s no need. That she already buys herself her own bouquets of hers.

Bruno Mars: I hope I buy you flowers

i hope i hold your hand

give you all his hours

Miley Cyrus: can i buy flowers

i can hold my own hand

talk to myself for hours

Not just the lyrics Flowers It matches perfectly with that of Bruno Mars, there are other types of references that show that the song is a musical dart at his ex-partner. Once again, music serves to heal wounds and make a clean slate.

The release date, the same day as Liam Hemsworth’s birthday

It is much more than a simple coincidence. Look, there are days in January to release new songs, but Miley Cyrus has chosen precisely the 1January 3 for the official launch of Flowers.

And what happens on the 13th? Well, what is he? Liam Hemsworth’s birthdaywho was born in 1990. This 2023 will blow out 33 candles.

“You are my best friend since the day I met you,” he wrote in a post on Instagram to publicly congratulate him in 2017.

The flowers with which he decorated his wedding

Another most striking detail is that the single is called Flowers (flowers)which is the main element with which he decorated the ceremony in which he said yes I do with Liam Hemsworth.

The wedding took place in December 2018, just eight months before their breakup.

The gesture of the video clip, the same one that he did to his ex on a red carpet

In one of the fragments of the video clip of Flowers that the singer showed before the official premiere shows Miley going up a hill while moves and wiggles to the rhythm of the music.

a gesture terribly similar to the wink Miley gave Liam while the couple did an interview on the red carpet at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

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