All The Simpsons Predictions In Its 30-Year Historical past

They go too far. 34 seasons and greater than 700 chapters They return a good distance however nonetheless, it have to be acknowledged that The Simpsons has taken benefit of their time on the air like no different. Because Matt Groening’s Series Has Moved On there have been and shall be all of the puddles, has not bitten his tongue and has honored and referenced as many stars, historic occasions and audiovisual merchandise as have grow to be trendy. Not happy with this, she has additionally jumped into the pool and has executed numerous issues. jokes and predictions that got here true, And that with one or two flutes, effectively, effectively, perhaps, however with so many? Because The Simpsons has a observe file of predictions over the past 30 years it has been on the air, it is as arduous to consider as it’s. awfully correct, Time for a fast evaluation of all these moments when your crystal ball hit the mark.

Poster of the brand new movie by Yorgos Lanthimos

the primary prediction is most just latelyCoolest. Poster of the brand new movie by Yorgos Lanthimos (director of La favorite, Canino o langosta). The poster with Emma Stone was already in episode 2 of season 10 of The Simpsons, the place Homer used to make Marge out of a paint gun.,

finish of sport of thrones

We spent years pondering and theorizing about how Game of Thrones may finish and it seems it will be sufficient to observe The Simpsons. In the primary episode of season 29, broadcast in October 2017, the Yellow Family set up their Tribute to the work of George RR Martin, it was referred to as surfsuns And this two years earlier than the tip of the collection (and earlier than the fifty winds of winter, In it you’ll be able to see (spoiler warning) Daenerys destroying King’s Landing, or what the hell, the controversial scene that can change all the things.

Neymar was injured in the course of the World Cup in Brazil

March 2014, months earlier than the World Cup in Brazil. the simpsons solid an episode with neymar With a particular visitor and soccer in thoughts. Although his character was not stated to be so (it was “il divo”), looked aesthetically the same, dressed canarinha and everyone implied that they had a tendency copy and cheat (ie, white and bottled…) But the most incredible thing is that the player in question was Injured During a crucial match for the championship, as happened with Ney.

Trump, President of the United States

Season 11, Episode 17, Year 2000. Some Donald Trump came to the White House six years agoIn the Matt Groening series he was already juggling with his political career and was considered as a candidate for the oval office. It is true that the businessman had been threatening about this for some time, but As Belen Esteban claimed to be the princess of the city And gave off the same warmth, that many of us were sure would stretch from saying to doing. failed: Wasn’t in America.

disney buys fox

The Simpsons jokes around the Fox channel and its parent company, 20th Century Fox, were recurring in the series, where they were often parodied and satirised. hollywood trick and audio-visual industry. As we all always thought that these were nothing but exaggerations for the love of funWhen in Season 10 Episode 5 (back in 1998) The 20th Century Fox billboard was shown reading “a division of the walt disney firm”, Most of us assume that it was simply that, one other joke. how naive we have been, The acquisition turns into a actuality in 2021.

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance

Let’s return a number of years, to 2017. Lady Gaga The artist was chosen to animate the remainder of Superbowl LI and for a lot of it grew to become his quarter-hour One of the perfect halftime performances within the historical past of the competitors, But 5 years earlier, in 2012, episode 23 of season 22 of the collection already confirmed the singer what she would later do. Super BowlMeans laying cables over the general public.

Nobel Prize in Economics 2016

Let’s go together with an much more tough one. A yr earlier, in 2016, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics to Beng R. Holmström. As unbelievable as it might appear, Milhouse had already predicted the award to the identical economist Finn in 2012, in the course of the first episode of season 22, wherein he stirred pleasure among the many candidates.


We go to chapter 21 of the fourth season of the collection in 1993. what their screenwriters have to be pondering of speaking about A harmful flu began in Japan And put the entire world in peril, together with Springfield? Well, besides all the things after all COVID-19However, there have been eerie similarities to him 27 years earlier than his arrival in our lives.

fifa gate

I want I had heard that gag in The Simpsons season 25 episode 16 wherein FIFA vp arrested for a case of corruption, as would occur two years later along with his real-life namesake. Before this situation was recognized, within the collection he put homer answerable for the group to wash up his picture with somebody trustworthy (although in Homer’s case, the honesty was solely on account of stupidity, being unable to assume by way of what he says and misrepresenting something). Was it the predecessor of the Infantino?


One of the predictions that has at all times induced probably the most controversy. In 1993, in episode 12 of the fourth season, well-known monorail chapterThe Simpsons had already made two references to the horrific September 11, 2001 assaults. so unimaginable have been the episodes quickly censored In the land of the celebrities and stripes. On one aspect we had a portray of two minarets and an airplane destroying them and shortly after we noticed a newspaper that learn “New York, 9-11, Chance?

catdog series

Image speaks for itself. one side, Chimera of Horror Special Since 1997 (Treehouse of Terror VIII). to the other, the cat and dog fusion From the famous Catdog series, a year later. More than a prediction, this seems more like an explicit reference. how not to be affected by most famous series of all time,

Chapcon’s accident

many have related Tragic accident of Chapecoense With the following scene from The Simpsons in 2015. It talks about a soccer team (Brazil, to make matters worse) who ended up working illegally for Mr. Burns, who he pretended his plane crashed To be able to include them in the template. hopefully.

government espionage

To put it right, The Simpsons got it right even when they made the jump to the big screen. The famous Peele family film pokes fun at how America’s National Security Agency (NSA) listen to citizens’ phone calls, according to them to find possible criminals and estimate crimes. neither in minority Report, Oh. Since 2007 this movie joke stopped being so funny to many when in 2013 a former CIA employee (Edward Snowden) revealed that this practice was not alien to him and that even by spying they spied on washington,

decorating classical sculptures

Citizens of Springfield, Season 2, Episode 9 they put jeans on michelangelo’s david and debated about nudes in art. A hilarious situation of sheer nonsense that would end up becoming one of the first predictions of all of The Simpsons. because the chapter It was from 1991 and we had to wait till 2016 so that the residents of Russia and St. Petersburg decided to make just like With the image of David which was in the center of the city. if we go sometime back like crabs,

overtake apple

would say something like Technically easy to predict, but Chapter 19 of the sixth season did so much growth and progress in that area that it had to be included. In this 1995 episode, there were video calls about Lisa’s wedding (face time), wrist watch with voice recognition (smartwatch) and a lot of inventions that only needed to be brought Windows or Apple logo Back. Do justice for yourself. We repeat, this is from 1995.

election scams

and in this time The Elections That Have Called Voting By Mail Into QuestionWe end with the shocking scandal of the election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, in which Some voting machines “labored” badly and is counted just for the second candidate. This state of affairs, which occurred in 2012, had already occurred in The Simpsons in 2008. the state of affairs was comparable and even obama got here out, though the election scandal lay along with his earlier opponent, McCain, somewhat than with Romney. The diploma of element on this, as in lots of earlier predictions, is appalling.

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