All this is what Unreal Engine 5 is preparing

In 1998, a modest studio called Epic Mega Games Unreal video game premiered, nobody knew at that time, that this title was called to become the best video game engine in history.

Jonathan Cortes, is the founder of Animal Animation Studios and notodoanimacion.esand this time he brings us his colleague Michele Bedendo, Lead Environment Artist of Video Games, professor and one of the greatest experts in video game engines in our industry, to tell us about the evil plans of the next version of Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5

It was in 2006, with version 3, that we began to know the Unreal Engine that we appreciate. Three years later the free version comes out, U.D.K.which opens the doors of this magnificent tool to everyone.

It’s 2014 and Epic sets another course by releasing Unreal Engine 4. This version changes the rules of the game again. It brings a set of tools that enables a new experience for artists, designers and programmers. It also enters the industries of Cinema, animation studios, Product Design and Architectural Visualization.

We’re in 2022 and Epic is going to give us Unreal Engine 5 shortly. Are they going to stay without leaving us speechless? Of course not! Built on solid foundations, Unreal Engine 5 is going to be a leap towards photo-realism and immersion like we’ve never seen.

If words like Nanite, Lumen, World Partition or MetaSounds They do not sound familiar to you, here we are going to tell you how these new tools are going to change the industry (again). IMPORTANT! We remind you that at you have a FREE Unreal 5 Course, online, in Spanish and without registration.

All this is what Unreal Engine 5 is preparing


Taking advantage of the latest generations of GPUs and CPUs, Epic has developed a new virtualization system for the geometry that allows millions of triangles to be rendered without affecting performance. We can import very complex models in our scenes without the need to create low resolution models.

Nanite is a new geometry management system that can replace the current LOD system saving all this process. We are going to reduce asset production times by simplifying the creation of worlds.

Unreal Engine 5


If it is from Unreal Engine 3 that you can dump the information of Global Illumination (Global Illumination – IG) in Light-Maps, it is with 4 that this has been improved and led to a partial dynamic GI. Lumen leans on Nanite to get a Fully dynamic IG in real time so any changes that happen in the scene will affect the lighting and its bounces off surfaces. With this we can say goodbye to the whole Light-Maps dump process.

World Partition

In Unreal Engine 4 there is the possibility of dividing the world into different levels to be able to load in streaming according to the memory needs of the project. This solution has also made it possible to distribute the work of the team so that different people could work at different levels at the same time.

Unreal Engine 5 introduces two concepts: One File per Actor (One File Per Actor – UFpA) and data layers (Level Information – IN). UFpA saves a file for each actor created at a level, allowing more people to work at that level at the same time. IN allows you to save different states of a level to get different versions of that place, such as Day and Night. In general, with better memory management this tool will allow the creation of much larger worlds.

Unreal Engine 5


An aspect that is often underestimated in the production of video games is the process of creating and managing animations. Unreal Engine 5 allows you to create skeletons with the Control Rig and assign them to different characters; create pose libraries with the Pose Browser and animate with the new Full-Body IK system, all within the same engine.

In this way, you avoid having to go through the animation import-export process, which always takes a long time, also increasing the probability of errors. What we leave you next is Irradiation, the animated short film, created in Unreal Engine. Hold on to the chair.


Although in Unreal Engine 4 it is already possible to manipulate the Audio, with Unreal Engine 5 a new procedural system is introduced to nodes for manipulating all aspects of the sound of our project. MetaSounds brings us the power of the Materials and Blueprints editor for Audio.

Unreal Engine 5


The interface has been revamped to support workflow. the content browser, heart of the Unreal Engine, is now available everywhere with a simple keyboard shortcut. There is also a new Favorites system that allows us to access properties more quickly.

How to download Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Preview 1. You just have to install the Epic Launcher and install this new version to start testing the news. As a user of Unreal Engine 3 and 4, I can assure you that version 5 will be even more of a joy to use. It will open up more opportunities – knowing Unreal Engine today allows us to move beyond and across industries.

Epic will continue to make life easier for world builders so we can focus on being creative and enjoying the process like never before.

Also, if you have just arrived in the industry, here you will find a summary for dummies of the best free and paid video game engines.

Unreal Engine 5

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