Allegri’s admission to Dybala: that’s why Juve still took time

For Merry, the contract issue relating to Dybala it is a situation linked to society. On the pitch – and he repeated it several times – Paulo is an extraordinary player, from whom everyone expects the best and therefore more. After all, in the first part of the season the Argentine was out due to injury. And it has been for a long time. Therefore, a recovery is needed and it is needed immediately. In the implementation phase, in the performance: because Dybala is a great player “and his value is not in dispute”.

ADMISSION – During the press conference Merry however, he revealed a determining factor for the fate of the Argentine. That is: regardless of the words, from what was also told at the beginning of the season with the very strong investiture on Dybala, the Juve she still took some time to evaluate each situation and will decide no earlier than March. Should he remain out of the next Champions League, there would be no basis for such an important investment in Dybala. Ergo, everything should be discussed again, with the natural annoyance of the footballer, who would see an agreement already signed slip away in his hands. Speaking of hands: Allegri un po ‘if he washes them, a bit wait for time. Who knows how to be a tyrant, but also a gentleman: we will see who will agree.

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