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In the early hours of this Thursday, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, announced a military operation in Ukraine which triggered several bombings and clashes against Ukrainian troops in various parts of the country, which have already left dozens dead.

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The tension has constantly increased, especially due to the statements of Putin, who did not hesitate to say: “Those who try to interfere with us … should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead to consequences they have never known.”

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Taking into account the enormous dimensions of this confrontation, the whole world is aware of the decisions that are made on the European continent and there are already countries that have taken clear sides.

Allied countries of Russia

First of all, there is Belarus, an ally of Russia; then Serbia which has consistently remained since it was still part of Yugoslavia; Tajikistan, historical ally with Kazakhstan. There is also Armenia, a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (military alliance that has been in existence for 30 years) and North Korea.

On the other hand, they are Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua and Syriawho have also expressed their support for Russia today.

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Putin at the UN

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that anyone who interferes with military actions in Ukraine will have “consequences they have never known.”

Countries allied with Ukraine

Support for the Ukrainian government is undoubtedly higher and the list is headed by United Statessome countries of the NATO and the European Union such as: Canada, Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Grace, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia North, Romania, Slovakia and Montenegro. Colombia has also expressed its rejection of Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.

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neutral countries

Despite the global importance of this conflict, there are also some territories such as Hungary, Turkey, which is part of NATO, and China, that so far has not announced any support. These countries are on the fringes of this conflict so far.

Even Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said: “China has always respected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.”

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UN position

Filippo Grandi, head of the UN refugee agency, called Thursday for protection for the population and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine a few hours after the start of the Russian invasion.

“We have already seen reports of victims and people beginning to flee their homes for safety,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees wrote.

“Civilian lives and civilian infrastructure must be protected and preserved at all times, in accordance with international humanitarian law,” he added.

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Ukraine is under artillery fire on its northern border with Russia and Belarus, the border guard service said on Thursday, saying Ukrainian forces were responding to the attack.

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior reported on its side the fall of the city of Shchastia, in southeastern Ukraine, at the hands of pro-Russian separatist rebels and it was also learned of the fall of several Russian planes and a helicopter in the east of the country, shortly after Moscow launched its military offensive.

Later, the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine assured that the Army recaptured the city of Shchastia in the Lugansk region, and reported the death of 50 Russian soldiers.

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