almanac of 10 august

On August 10, but one hundred years ago in 1923, the internationally renowned Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla, known as the Master of Light and Spanish Impressionism, passed away. A prolific artist, with over two thousand cataloged works, he is one of the great masters of Spanish art as a whole.

other events

1557.- Battle of San Quentin, in which Spanish troops defeated the French and in memory of which Felipe II ordered the construction of the Monastery of El Escorial.

1678.- The Peace of Nijmegen ended the war that Louis XIV of France had waged against Spain, the Netherlands, the German states and Denmark.

1759.- Carlos III is proclaimed King of Spain after the death of Fernando VI.

1792.- French Revolution: Constitution of the Paris Commune. “Sans-culottes” take the Tuileries. The monarchy falls.

1793.- The French Convention decides to create a “Museum of the Republic” at the Grande Galerie du Louvre on the banks of the Seine, where the royal collections are made available to the public.

1809.- The first call for independence of Ecuador.

1819.- Bolivar triumphantly entered Bogotá with his troops.

1836.- Decree establishing the “Colorado” and “Blanco” parties in Uruguay.

1897.- German researcher Felix Hoffmann, the discoverer of acetylsalicylic acid, registered the product, a basic ingredient of the analgesics later known as aspirin.

1903.- 84 people died in an accident in the Paris Metro.

1906.- Pius X publishes the encyclical “Gravisimi officie” against the law of separation of church and state in France.

1913.- Signing of the Treaty in Bucharest that ends the war in the Balkans.

1920 – The Treaty of Sevres was signed between Turkey and the Allies. The Ottoman Empire lost four-fifths of its territory.

1927.- Indian rebellion in Bolivia, which spread to Chayanta, Cochabamba and Potosi provinces.

1939.- World premiere of Victor Fleming’s musical “The Wizard of Oz” in the state of Wisconsin (USA) starring Judy Garland.

1952.- The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was inaugurated in Luxembourg.

1964.- Publication of Pope Paul VI’s first encyclical, “Ecclesiam Suam”, on the Catholic Church’s desire for dialogue with other non-Christian churches.

1984.- Social Christian Leon Fabres Cordero takes office as President of Ecuador.

1986. – Assassinated Indian General Arun Vaida, who led the massacre of, according to various sources, 600 to 1,000 Sikhs at Amritsar’s Golden Temple in 1984.

1994.- The Dominican President, Joaquín Balaguer, and the Leader of the Opposition, José Francisco Peña Gómez, sign the Accord of Democracy to resolve the political crisis.

1996.- Abdala Bucaram was sworn in as the President of Ecuador.

1998.- Al-Muhtadi Billah was declared the Prince of Brunei Sultanate.

2004.- Chile’s Supreme Court rejects the reopening of the process of the 1976 assassination of Spanish diplomat Carmelo Soria.

2005.- Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet takes “full responsibility” for his secret accounts abroad and the origin of his fortune.

2018.- Colombia left the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) for being an “ally of the Venezuelan dictatorship”.

2019.- American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual abuse and exploitation of minors, was found hanged in his cell at a federal prison in New York.

2020.- On August 4, the entire Lebanese government resigns after an explosion at a warehouse in the port of Beirut kills at least 202 people.

– The Mexican police captured Hector Rodolfo “N”, the leader of the Rodolfos criminal group and one of the main generators of violence in the country’s capital.

2021.- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns after admitting that he committed sexual assault against a woman who worked in his office.


1810.- Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, Italian politician.

1821 – Octave Feuillet, French writer.

1823.- Antonio Gonsalves Dias, Brazilian poet.

1883.- Carlos Lavin Acevedo, Chilean musician and composer.

1909 – Mohammed V, King of Morocco.

1912.- Jorge Amado, Brazilian writer.

1923 – Rhonda Fleming, American actress.

1928 – Eddie Fisher, American singer and producer.

1951 – Juan Manuel Santos, former President of Colombia.

1952 – José Ramón Ripoll, Spanish poet.

1959 – Rosanna Arquette, American actress.

1960 – Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor.

1997.- Kylie Jenner, “influencer” and American model.


1759 – Ferdinand VI, King of Spain.

1814.- Henry Nestlé, German businessman who founded the chocolate company.

1904 – Pierre Waldeck-Rousseau, French politician.

(1945-Robert H Goddard American pioneer of space science.

1988.- Arnulfo Arias, Panamanian politician.

1995.- Luis Procuna, Mexican bullfighter.

1997.- Jean-Claude Lauzon, Canadian film producer.

2003.- Jacques Dere, French filmmaker.

2008.- Isaac Hayes, American singer-songwriter.

2010 – Armando Robles Godoy, Peruvian filmmaker.

2021.- Maki Kaji, Japanese publicist known as the “godfather of Sudoku”. efe


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