Almería will have a Faculty of Medicine

Ramon Fernandez Pacheco

07:58 • May 15 2022

The pandemic has highlighted the need for Spanish society to have more health professionals. That is why I think it is excellent news for Almería and for the people of Almería that the University of Almería has finally obtained the definitive certification to implement the degree in Medicine for the next academic year.

count on the expected Faculty of Medicine will bring many benefits not only for the capital, but for the entire province, and it will also mean that we will not only have more health professionals in the future, but that future students will not have to travel to other provinces to pursue a very demanding and very necessary for which every year more young people choose.

Here’s a piece of information: in the last year, some 300 students from Almeria applied for the degree in Medicine as their first option. Of these, 107 entered and half had to go to study at a university outside the Andalusian community. Until now, Almeria residents who wanted to study Medicine could do so at the Faculties of Malaga, Granada, Seville, Cádiz or Córdoba, or leave Andalusia and go to one of the 47 faculties, public and private, that offer the Degree throughout Spain.

But next year they will be able to do it in their own province. And that, objectively, is very good news that confirms what we all already knew: that the University of Almería is a benchmark in training and in the transmission of knowledge, both for students and for teachers who decide to develop their educational and research activity. In this sense, we must not forget that the students who decide to take these studies will be lucky enough to have one of the best hospitals in Spain, such as the Torrecárdenas University Hospital, very close to complete their training.

At the City Council we share the enthusiasm of the Almeria university community and we will continue collaborating with the UAL in whatever measures favor its growth, as we did in 2005 giving a plot of 17,000 m2 in the area of ​​Torrecárdenas for the construction of the Faculty of Medicine. The new Degree in Medicine, which is also the result of the support of the Junta de Andalucía to the province of Almería, will be a powerful asset in terms of retaining and attracting students, to develop professional talent and to be able to generate scientific and health resources .

All this will also mean improving the competence of the University of Almería as a talent management center committed to the development of the society from which it comes and which it serves. That our University expands its educational horizon is also a way to strengthen the ties of that institution with the economic and productive fabric of Almeria, promoting excellence through competition.

I think that to the extent that the UAL can expand its capacity to generate and transmit knowledge will be advancing in the fulfillment of its dynamic role of Almerian society. Therefore, a new scenario is opening up full of hope for the future in which Almería will grow hand in hand with its University, which is one of our main elements of collective value. Congratulations to all.

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