Almeyda finally says yes to Chivas, but demands the signing of a TOP 10

Matías Almeyda and the player who asks for him to arrive in Chivas
Matías Almeyda and the player who asks for him to arrive in Chivas

The Argentine coach Matías Almeyda could not hide his desire to return to the Flock, since Chivas needs Almeyda as much as the DT needs the rojiblanco team. However, it is not an easy task to remove the Argentine coach from the San José Earthquakes.

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Almeyda is clear that if Chivas and San José agree, his departure could take place, taking into account that his contract is about to expire. But Pelado’s desire is to return to the Flock where he has won four titles.

On the other hand, Matías Almeyda would request reinforcements and has in mind the return of Eduardo López, a player that Ricardo Peláez vetoed from Chivas. The Argentine DT would press for his return, although it looks complex.

How much would it cost to bring Matías Almeyda back?

Within the clauses of the MLS, Matías Almeyda, as he actively belongs to the franchise, must pay an amount close to 1.5 million dollars, since the MLS thus protects players and coaches.

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