Alone at home: Brigitte Macron & Marion Cotillard are disgusted with the secular (but Sophie Marceau repopulates hers); The Queen of Spain dances the seated Macarena, Rihanna comes out in flesh and feathers, Lenny Kravitz strolls in stilettos

This week, the People news is dissolute, “archipelized” to be fashionable.

According to Here, Brigitte Macron is at the end of her life. Paparazzied at the Lanterne (But by the way, can we really hide in front of the country house of French presidents?), our first lady nevertheless seemed delighted to spend a few days in the green, to breathe with her husband, even to force him to blow. During these weekends, the president goes cycling, boxing with his bodyguard, “let off steam”. But it failed! This time, Emmanuel Macron had barely arrived and had already left, and his wife did not like it, “she thinks he has lost weight… She is really worried about his health. “So imagine the idea that the merry-go-round restarts for five years…

Public declares open war between Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. According to the weekly, the two actors have not spoken to each other for months, and take turns in their house in the inner suburbs of Paris to take care of the children. And decidedly well informed, my colleagues also think they know that contrary to what we thought, it was he who put an end to the fifteen-year relationship, “tired by these repeated remarks that one day, we end up not no longer accept…”. Shame !

Sophie Marceau moved to Marseille for love. Because yes, in fact, with Richard Caillat, it got off to a flying start. Closer photographs them hand in hand, relaxed, he in shorts, she in short sleeves – it was probably during this pre-spring which ended recently. The mag says the actress is “giving up everything” for the theater manager. Everything, we do not know, in any case, she is open to moving, and they are looking for a house under the Marseille sun.

Is Lenny Kravitz about to come out as transgender? The ex of Vanessa Paradis, rather manly in the 90s, appreciates more and more a (not so) little “feminine’s touch”, like her colleagues Harry Styles and Jared Leto. At the Grammy Awards, her grasshopper legs and lamé top, bare back did not go unnoticed. And from now on, he assumes above all his desire to “take the height”, as the American site Page 6 modestly writes: he no longer wears boots, or bevelled heels like cowboys, no. He himself designed the model he wore that evening: high black boots, in leather, square toes and high heels, like pumps! Poupoupidou.

Boris Becker guilty of hiding his hoard. English justice has just decided: he could do 7 years in prison. In 2017, the German champion was declared in personal bankruptcy, he would then have had to pay off a debt of nearly 50 million pounds and apparently he would have done everything not to repay his creditors. Two houses in Germany? Never seen. 800,000 pounds collected after the sale of some of his trophies? No, no, that doesn’t tell him anything. An apartment in London? Are you sure? And the cups won at Wimbledon? Lost…Boom boom Becker denies everything, but he will still probably have to return the grisbi…

Gala sees the future of little George of England as bleak as a haunted house. “The carefree time is coming to an end”, “the pact with the press, keeping a distance, will not be renewed. “. The heir to the crown number 3 is 8 years old, “a turning point for the Windsors”, it is time he embraced destiny, that is to say, according to the weekly: growing up under the merciless eye of the media. A task for which, thank God, his parents already seem to prepare him as well as possible. So much so that they can share some positive parenting tips (and very upsetting for anyone who’s ever tried parenting). At the Cambridges, we try not to make too much difference between George and Charlotte, and not to let them get the big head too much. For example, at the park, we pretend that they are children like the others, despite the bodyguards and a mother dressed in couture by all the winds. We isolate “the recalcitrant child to avoid humiliation. he is invited to sit on a sofa to discuss what is upsetting him. We prohibit loud voices and reframe individually. Gnin gnin gnin gnin gnin. “You sit down, you shut up and you eat! » : from my point of view, it is more productive…

Always across the Channel, after the c.. the money! Prince Andrew is embroiled in a new scandal according to Closer and this time, the cursed son would have received a bribe to help an old Turkish millionaire to place her money in the United Kingdom. It will never end! A “gift” of 750,000 pounds, or nearly 900,000 euros, was paid to him for having facilitated the administrative formalities or the obtaining of a passport according to the sources. That was two years ago, and since then the money would have been returned, but the damage is done…

The Beckhams had the scare of their lives : they were robbed while they were there! It happened in London, in broad daylight. David and Victoria Beckham were downstairs with their 1-year-old daughter Harper while the robbers entered through an upstairs window. A light visit to a single room that relieved the couple of jewellery, accessories and electronic devices… A loot of several thousand euros “without any sentimental value”! A blow that the footballer and the fashionista went to treat on their yacht in Florida before starting the festivities this weekend for the wedding of their eldest son with the heiress of an immense fortune, Nicola Peltz. Can’t wait for next week, so that we can discuss the color of the flowers, the Valentino dress, the blood red cake costing several thousand euros, the sets of DJ Snoop Dogg. And to know if Meghan Markle, invited with her husband, Prince Harry, danced on the tables while twirling her ass.. sorry, her towel.

Demi Moore breaks a decade of celibacy, and appears with the best cook in the world. Daniel Humm (predestined!) won this title in 2017, he is Swiss, he is 46 years old and 3 children, like GI Jane. The couple appeared for the first time together at Paris Fashion Week. A way for the ex of Bruce Willis to lie to all those who thought she had become a lesbian, sharing her life with a photographer of Serbian origin, Masha Mandzuka.

Macron’s daughter-in-law thinks she’s Jennifer Lopez. Laurence Auzière has put the cover back with a former lover. Her Ben Affleck is called Mathieu Gasser, he is an artist near Strasbourg. Their first flirtation dates back to the 90s, when Brigitte Macron’s daughter was 16 and he was passionate about techno and Pop Art. The flashback would have started, recently, since the separation from the father of the children, and they both showed up at the last meeting of their stepfather candidate.

After Victoria from Sweden and her stallion last week, here is the Queen of Spain who trains for dancing Sundays in Ephad. The crazy photo of the week can be seen in Point de Vue, we see Letizia from Spain, sitting in the middle of a work meeting, sketching a gesture halfway between a dab and the laladirladada of tanned people. Protocol requires, the assembly and its two neighbors, including the equally seated Minister of Education, imitated it dare-dare, with a little less confidence and style. Result ? A bad imitation of the biomans of the 80s in the middle of a fake karate session. Ridiculous ? Yes.

And to finish, Vittoria de Savoie is committed to helping Ukrainian refugees. Rihanna celebrates Easter before time: the singer went out to dinner barely dressing her egg, uh sorry, her belly: a kind of purple swimsuit with a band of feathers that surrounded her sale and her buttocks, and it’s everything. A delight for the eyes… The daughter of Clotilde Courau and Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie went to the border in Hungary with an NGO to distribute food. Pierre Arditi had an affair with the singer Barbara in the 70s. Frédéric Mitterrand is broke. He no longer has a Kopec to pay his rent, it’s his brother who is helping out. After the pregnancies and divorces followed hour by hour on the Internet, here are the cancers, month by month: Florent Pagny announced that he had cancer in February, that he had started chemo in March, and in April, we already know that tumor has shrunk thanks to the treatment. Kanye West cancels his participation in the Coachella festival (to which he was no longer really welcome…) to, he says, “get treatment”, announcing the cessation of hostilities against his ex Kim Kardashian and his new lover, Pete Davidson.

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