Alpha Groot: Legend or Not? James Gunn enlightens us

“My name is Groot”: who has never heard this phrase from our favorite Flora Colossus?

Vin Diesel posted a photo of the supposed Alpha Groot. Let’s see what director James Gunn thinks.

Now that the release date of the third installment is approaching, a rumor about the existence of a new form of Groot is going through the Net. For the occasion, Vin Diesel, his interpreter, sent a photo of the one he considers Alpha Groot. James Gunn, the Guardians of the Galaxy writer, responded.

Groot’s story

Groot is a member of the Flora Colossus race, aliens that strongly resemble trees. He appeared in the very first installment, Guardians of the Galaxy: Dangerous Prey. He starts out as a partner in Rocket Racoon. They were a team of bounty hunters.

It is during this film that they meet Gamora and Peter Jason Quill, alias Star-Lord, the future leader of the team. Unfortunately, after an epic struggle, Groot sacrificed himself to save his newfound friends. He leaves only a piece of himself behind. However, when his partner replants the latter, he gives life to a small shoot that becomes “Baby Groot”.

Later, during the battle against Thanos in Endgame, Groot grew up and reached adolescent age. Of course, he still says nothing but “My name is Groot”, but this time, with the temperament of a young man going through puberty.

Soon we will witness the appearance of the third installment, expected in 2023. It is quite plausible that it will grow further. We should therefore expect a possible new form.

Vin Diesel’s post

Vin Diesel posted a photo on Twitter. He had unearthed it during the SDCC and had assumed that the latter represented Alpha Groot. The comments had also added that the style looked more like a King Groot. His involvement in the role of the character gave more credence to his statement, which did not fail to move Internet users.

However, James Gunn, the writer of the saga, did not take long to respond. Indeed, he refuted the notion that the illustration depicted Alpha Groot. According to him, this is just the shape that our floral will sport in the third opus. However, at the same time, he also implied that the rumored character did indeed exist.

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