Altavilla (Ita president): “I don’t know what to do with Alitalia employees”. Rampelli: “Unacceptable tones” (video)

“The tones and contempt with which the president of Ita Altavilla he spoke of former Alitalia employees are unacceptable and demonstrate non-existent institutional sensitivity and a very low ethical sense of public mission. In fact, during the hearing in the Chamber of Deputies, Altavilla replied: “I am the president of Ita. If someone gives me the responsibility of extraordinary management, it is my problem. It is not my problem, I do not care because otherwise we are no longer a company that is in the market but a red cross of Alitalia employees. We didn’t take those people because we didn’t know what to make them do… And it will be like this forever ”. All in addition to an approximate industrial plan, with omissive slides and, once again, without depositing an official document to Parliament, without revealing the contents of the notorious letter addressed by the EU that the Italian government (and not Brussels) wanted to secret ” . This is what the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies said Fabio Rampelli commenting on the hearing of the leaders of Ita today in the Transport Committee.

“From Altavilla an approximate industrial plan”

“I remember the Speaker of the House Roberto Fico in person – added Rampelli – he asked for advertising because it was an integral part of a decree that the classroom had to vote on and which in the end it approved. For the first time in the history of the Republic we had to pass an incomplete Decree, not knowing its contents in full. I asked that President Altavilla come to committee next week with the letter in hand, so that the mists surrounding Italian air transport can be cleared. As long as it remains so “.
“The attitude of sufficiency and ineducation show that Altavilla’s appointment was a mistake which must be promptly remedied. His aggression, moreover, had been revealed by the audio circulated by some Ita executive in which the former FCA ‘sheriff’, between a threat and a curse declared that he wanted to ‘kill’ half of the recalled staff, mistreating a female executive among the screams. An audio that has been around the world and for which we are all waiting for an apology ”.

Rampelli: “Solidarity with Lupi, who was offended by the Ita president”

“It seems he wanted to wipe out all the trade unionists, only to then obviously hire them. The criteria used for the remaining calls have not yet been disclosed. It is not even understood why Altavilla, president of a 100% public company that is preparing to cut down on staff and has reduced qualified employees who have served Alitalia for thirty years to 800 euros a month, has stayed in a well-known luxury hotel in Rome, spending the same amount, but per night … “
“Among the much shit exhibited, the reason why the Italian team that will participate in the Winter Olympics will go to Beijing with Air China instead of with Ita has not even been explained”.
“Finally, solidarity with President Lupi – concluded Rampelli – who was offended by Altavilla because he signaled the sacrosanct need to speak in Italian, given that the meeting takes place in the seat of the Italian Parliament and a regulation prescribes the use of our language. But it must have been another technique for mixing xenophilic provincialism and the will to create confusion ”.

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