Altercation on the set of the clip of Shakira and Ozuna

The streets of the municipality of Manresa in Catalonia welcomed the cameras of the clip of the next single from Shakira and Ozuna, on September 10. Many fans and journalists came to watch the shooting, and things almost got out of hand. The police had to intervene, as reported by a paparazzi, witness to the scene.

“I’m a journalist! Help me! They’re hitting me. Shakira!” shouted a young man arrested by the police.

According to a video posted on social media, several officers were leading away the person calling for help. The young man, a Colombian journalist, allegedly tried to circumvent security rules and refused to present his papers, leading to his evacuation from the site.

A dream collaboration?

Shakira is about to release a new album with many very high level collaborations with prestigious names like Rauw Alejandro, Bizarrap or Ozuna.

On the shooting of the video of the song that the singer of Don’t You Worry share with the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, Shakira walks down the street with a bloody heart in her hand. What to say to observers, that the piece could be an allusion to his ex, Gerard Pique. Better, than the title could be Monotoniathe word appearing on the clapper board.

As for Ozuna, his collaboration with the Colombian artist is a dream come true, Shakira having been his “crush” all his life, according to the site. brand.

Happy, he also dedicated an affectionate post to him on Twitter: “How beautiful you are @shakira”. Tweet to which the singer hastened to respond:

“Ozu! You are a champion for enduring the long hours of filming. It’s a pleasure to work with you!!! You deserve the success you are enjoying!! 🧸

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