Alternative metal cover of “You Should See Me in a Crown” (Billie Eilish) is released

The Weir Union, an alternative rock band based in Vancouver, Canada, have teamed up with their Rock Shop Records labelmate Jodie Black to cover Billie Eilish’s obscure 2019 hit song, “You Should See Me in a Crown”. Produced by the band’s lead singer, Crispin Earl, and video directed by Julien Bouffard, this alt-pop hit is recreated with explosive vocals, while the emotional dread of the original is combined with powerful guitar riffs and a forceful and aggressive bass. has been intensified. “You Should See Me in a Crown” is the latest single from the band’s upcoming album, Covers Collection Volume 2, which is set to be released on September 1, 2023 via Rock Shop Records.

“At the heart of our artistic journey lies the constant pursuit of versatility. Our constant desire to push the boundaries, not only for ourselves but also for those who support us, is deeply embedded in our approach. When we decided to tackle Billie Eilish’s “You Should See Me in a Crown,” we knew we were walking in the shadows of a really dark song. Billy’s unique vocal delivery presented a challenge we couldn’t replicate, which inspired us to embrace the darkness and create our own version. As a result, this version became our most intense song ever released. Collaborating with our good friend and labelmate Jody Black was an absolute pleasure, and her contributions enriched the entire experience, making it a moment of collaborative togetherness we’ll always cherish. -Veer Sangh

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Heroic Union is a Vancouver-based hard rock band that formed in 2004 and released their first independent album in 2006 titled “Time to Break the Spell”. The band quickly gained notoriety after winning a spot on the radio contest CFOX 99.3 Vancouver Seeds. 2006. In 2008, Weir Union signed a record deal with Universal Records USA, where they charted in the top 10 on the active rock radio charts in the United States, the United States and Canada with their critically acclaimed song, “Seasons”. singles place. Since then, Weir Union has collectively sold over 150,000 albums and achieved over 150 million streams worldwide, with 12 Top 40 singles on the Billboard rock radio charts.

The band’s 2018 album, “Decade II” (produced by the band’s lead singer Crispin Earl) included a Top 40 single on the Billboard charts and has been streamed over 27 million times in the UK alone. Spotify. The album’s standout track, “Living Not Alive”, peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Top 40 chart in the US, with over 10 million streams and over 2 million views on YouTube. The album has sold over 10,000 units.

After a year and a half of intense touring (with bands such as Red, Puddle of Mud, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Alessana and Saliva), the band released “Covers Collection Volume 1” (with bandleader Crispin Earl as producer). Their cover of Halsey’s “Nightmare” reached 1 million views on YouTube in the first 30 days, reaching number 25 on the Billboard charts in the US and over 10 million views across all platforms. Digital.

In 2020, the band began releasing singles from their album “Quarantine Collaborations” (produced by the band’s lead singer Crispin Earl), with three of their tracks quickly reaching top 40 positions on the Billboard charts in the United States. On December 17, 2021, “Quarantine Collaboration” was fully released and crossed 8.5 million streams in its third week of release.

In April 2022, the band released their critically acclaimed album “Manifestations” (produced by the band’s lead singer Crispin Earl). The singles “Standing My Ground” and “From the Fire in You” were immediately added to Spotify editorial playlists as “Kick Ass Metal”, “Adrenaline Workout”, “Top of the Core”, “All New Metal”. », « 3TO GET IN!» and “Newcore”, and “Standing My Ground” debuted at No. 1 on “New Core”. The “Manifestations” album coincided with the North American tour and has over 15 million streams worldwide to date.

In 2023, the band began releasing cover songs from their upcoming album “Covers Collection Vol. 2”. Unsurprisingly, the band kept people guessing with covers of artists ranging from Tiësto and The Weeknd to My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park. “Covers Collection Volume 2” will be fully released in late summer 2023. Fans can expect a new album of original songs from The Weir Union sometime in 2024.

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