ALURA, a benchmark in beauty and wellness in Barcelona

ALURA, a benchmark in beauty and wellness in Barcelona

The first urban oasis in Barcelona is now available to people to take care of them with the most advanced services and treatments on the market.

With more than two thousand square meters dedicated to well-being, personal care and anti-aging treatments with the best quality seal, you can discover ALURA, the first comprehensive urban center for beauty and well-being in the city of Barcelona that exclusively houses signatures of high end of the sector.

A sanctuary of personal care that makes available the most advanced treatments in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, hairdressing, barbering, nail care, look design and body wellness, among others, at the hands of the best professionals.

Their range of services is of a very high level as they have a large number of establishments where they operate nationally and internationally recognized brands like Bella Aurora, Im Clinic, Atelier by Anthony Llobet, Basics by Mercè, Ali D’Aria, Thai Spa Massage, Backstage Bcn, New Look, Alberto Cerdán Space, Me 85 by Mesoestetic or Good Nails by Raffel Pages… all of them premiumwhich will soon be joined by The Hamam, to offer the benefits of the most exquisite Arab baths, D-SunRoom, the first tanning center with LED booths in Barcelona, ​​as well as Semon and Flax & Kale in the gastronomic field.

One of the great advantages of ALURA is its location as it is located next to Diagonal, next to the Pedralbes building. A strategic place as pointed out by Olaia Sarasqueta, its general manager: “this area is surrounded by many offices and businesses and has a high volume of people on a daily basis. In general, it is a public that is aware of their well-being, that does not skimp on beauty and is very close to Alura’s philosophy”. To this are added the comfortable and well-kept facilities in the centerthat invite you to relax and unwind and that make ALURA an urban oasis.

The center is a space with pure air, completely clean. Not surprisingly, they are concerned about the current environmental pollution and the growing deterioration of the quality of the air that is breathed. Therefore, they have installed a air purification system that allows to have pure and clean air. Its system filters and purifies polluted air and transforms it into optimal air free of polluting particles, bacteriological and allergenic agents and with a reduction in polluting gases.

The Clean air is essential for the proper functioning of the respiratory system, it is an important factor in anti-aging treatments, favors the regeneration of the respiratory tract after physical exercise and is an essential asset for life.

One of the objectives of the brand is make users feel at home, that they arrive and can make a parenthesis and find that much-needed haven of peace throughout the day.

The lounge of the center is, precisely, the propitious space to find that relaxation, being designed in amplitude and spaciousness. An ideal place to be after a treatment, but where they also take place multitude of initiatives and events aimed at informing about everything that happens in the field of beauty and well-being.

An urban oasis in which the excellence of the service prevails and where the person will be attended by a Magnificent reception staff who, with exquisite treatment, are in charge of welcoming, attending to needs and managing appointments.

In addition, these can also be arranged through the website or from the new “Alura Beauty” application, available for all devices, both iOS and Android. If you download during this month, you can get up to 15% discount on all services of the center.

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