Alvaro Mayo enters the OT Academy by the skin of his teeth and there are reactions. programs

8152 will be the number you remember for the rest of your life alvaro mayo And he is the one who was with her during the casting for admission victory operation, He achieved this, although he almost missed achieving his dream in Gala 0. chenoa This strong bet of started amazon prime video,

This 21-year-old from Seville, who had already won over the casting team with his performance I’ll never love againOf Lady GagaChose another diva for Gala 0. He did not hesitate to bring the great…baby One More TimeOf Britney Spears,

He appeared surrounded by a group of dancers and he He also moved a little while giving us that weird falsetto, One thing that caught the eye was her black crop top, risque, but effective.

He talked to Chenoa about his general taste for all things paranormal and magical numbers. Before joining the rest of the performing colleagues while awaiting the jury’s assessment.

He is studying to become a sound technician, has worked in an orchestra and sang in an indie-style music group, amusia, who released a statement a week earlier saying that the band was going on “indefinite hiatus”. She enjoys horoscopes and makeup as another form of artistic expression. and among its references are Ariana Grande, Sam Smith one of two Demi Lovato,

Violetta Höder, one of the great favorites of the OT, after the first celebration:


The jury decided unanimously sister in law, Chiara, Juanjo And Ruslana He had to enter the academy. Then, slowly the other contestants crossed the catwalk.

buka She was in charge of talking to Álvaro Mayo. “Your voice has surprised me a lot, it is very beautiful, very beautiful, your voice is amazing. Your performance was very funny, but you didn’t look very comfortable. I don’t know why it seems that you are not very comfortable dancing.Or that’s what I got the feeling about, and also that you were uncomfortable in your role,” he told her, leaving her path to the Academy in the hands of the audience and teachers.

This decision did not go down well with many viewers and they took to social networks to show their disagreement.

Final judgment

Lina De Sol, Alvaro, Give And Ed He was thrown out by the jury. noemi galera Announces that the faculty has decided that Dena should cross the walkway. So it was between three and the public was in charge of voting on who they wanted to save.

“To say that I have given everything on stage, everything I could, there are definitely some things I don’t know, and I’m going to learn at the academy. I think I took risks, I took big bets and I did what I could and I think I did it very well., say that I have a lot to offer to the industry, academia and victory operation“, he said in his petition to block the vote.

“Viewers of O.T. Decided with 43.86% of your votesThat the candidate who must enter the Academy is Álvaro Mayo”, Chenoa finally read. So, Alvaro, crossed the catwalk And joined the rest of his classmates at the academy. There are already 16 candidates vying to take over from the eventual winner of the show.

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