Álvaro Morales and Jorge Pietrasanta “fought” live on Serie AMediotiempo


They said everything! Alvaro Morales and Jorge PietrasantaESPN narrators and analysts, starred in a “scene” during an edition of Futbol Picante where the table also made up of Paco Gabriel de Anda and Dionisio Estrada reviewed the match A series between salernitana and the napoliteams to which Mexicans belong Guillermo Ochoa and Chucky Lozanorespectively.

Alvaro Morales vs. Jorge Pietrasanta

As is usual, Alvaro Morales took the time to criticize the performance of memo ochoa with the salernitanahighlighted that, although his performance was good, only conceding two goals against napolileader of the A series, should be required not to be thrashed. Situation that occurred in the spectacular defeat against Atalanta (8-2).

“Did you see the game? Because the other day you said you saw it but it wasn’t like that”Pietrasanta told Morales, to which he replied: “You were very good. The other time I had to start narrating something else“. And he sarcastically asked if Jorge, despite having narrated the game, had seen him.

“You also don’t see those who narrate later, because you see them with two fried eggs stuck in their eyes.” Morales countered by saying that unlike Pietrasanta he does identify all the players on the pitch. “Me too,” Jorge replied. Later, Álvaro mocked the way in which his partner narrates by saying: “You say: ‘Napoli attack, there goes Napoli'”.

Pietrasanta glared at Morales saying: “ANDyesyou’re a guy You are not even a football narrator. You think you are a football narrator but you are not. You say, at minute 80 I send greetings as if people were waiting for your greetings, they don’t care. Where do you get that you are historical, by God? Historic is doing eight World Cups, not doing one halfway.”

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