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Starting a new year usually means the intention to improve personally and professionally, but Álvaro Morales started in 2023 as he loves: in controversy and making many angry. On this occasion, the ESPN host made a toast that has outraged Argentina by -between the lines- make fun of the economic situation of the country.

What did Álvaro Morales say about Argentina?

With glass and grapes in hand as tradition marks, El Brujo Morales mocked Argentina by saying that in Mexico “there is abundance” In all senses, this is in allusion to the economic crisis that is being experienced in the Albiceleste nation, where currently to buy a dollar you have to pay 176 Argentine pesos.

“Sorry for being in such an immensely abundant country, may it rain abundance in Mexico, abundance”he said with a mocking laugh, which aroused the anger of fans and journalists from the country of Mar de la Plata, who even They branded Álvaro Morales a “son of a bitch” for pointing out the problems they are experiencing.

‘Argentina only wins with cheats’

In his speech of New Year 2023the communicator also recapitulated the Argentina “traps” to win the three World Cups in its historyproposing a toast so that the fans finally recognize that, had it not been for “bizarre circumstances” they would never have won anything.

“I toast first so that Albicelestes fans recognize that the 1978 World Cup title is stained disgustingly. Second, that the Albicelestes recognize that the 1986 title was with a disgustingly doped player, a cheater who put his hand in,” Morales said.

“Third, acknowledge that in 1990 they tried to cheat with anesthetic water to screw over Brazilian players. In this 2022 recognize that all those penalties in the World Cup should not have been scored“.

They ask Álvaro Morales out of ESPN

​These comments beyond sports issues led to dozens of people demand the dismissal of Álvaro Morales from ESPNsince they classify him as a “harmful” character and that “exceeds all ethical limits” in the exercise of his profession in order to generate interactions.

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