Always “Pretty Woman”: this is how beautiful Julia Roberts currently looks at 54

Julia Roberts She is one of the most beloved and important actresses in Hollywood. At 54 years old, throughout her career she has been recognized for her great roles in the film industry and has shown that she is the owner of a great talent. In addition, to this is added that the brilliant blonde has a great beauty that daily harvests followers in all parts of the world.

Julia Roberts has almost 10 million followers on her Instagram account.

The protagonist “Pretty Woman” She became known in the ’90s with performances that led her to be nominated for major awards of all kinds. One of her most important achievements was the one she achieved in 1999 when she became the first woman to be considered the most profitable performer of the year by American distributors, thanks to the successes of Notting Hill and Runaway Bride, holding the female lead for ten years until Sandra Bullock he got it in 2009.


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