Amadori fires Francesca, the founder’s granddaughter is removed. “I will sue” – Chronicle

Cesena, January 13, 2022 – The news is one that makes a lot of noise: Francesca Amadori, grandfather Francesco’s favorite granddaughter (that of “Word of Francesco Amadori”) was fired from the cooperative company that bears his name. The notice of the termination with immediate effect of the employment relationship (Francesca was responsible for the communication of the group) was delivered to her on Tuesday morning and the first consequence was the convocation of an online assembly of the members of Romagna Iniziative, a consortium which brings together 13 of the most important Romagna businesses to support youth sports and culture.

Francesca Amadori illustrated the new situation and has resigned as president. Immediate reaction of the other shareholders who thanked her for the prompt communication and asked her to remain in her place. The situation at Romagna Initiative is now frozen pending developments on the corporate front.

“With regard to the news concerning my person, I would like to specify that in the 18 years of working for the family group, I have always operated in ethically correct and in the interest of the company, animated by the feeling of attachment that has always linked me to the company founded by my grandfather Francesco – is the replica of Francesca Amadori -. As for the dismissal, I specify that I am considering the most appropriate initiatives to oppose a measure that I believe unfair and illegitimate and that it does not concern the violation of any company rule, finding on the contrary foundation in other logics that must be ascertained in the appropriate offices “.

That in the Amadori Group there was a swell concentrated on the figure of Francesca was a rumor that had already been circulating for several months, and in the last few weeks it had regained vigor; an indication that the reckoning was imminent came at the meeting of the Merry Christmas di Romagna Initiatives, Romagna Solidale and Pubblisole, in which Francesca Amadori did not participate being replaced by vice president Barbara Battistini.

The group Amadori, the second Italian poultry farm behind Aia, is not new to earthquakes of family origin: founded in 1969 in San Vittore di Cesena by the brothers Francesco (89) and Arnaldo (who died in 2017 at the age of 82), Amadori is is constantly expanded to its current size: 1.2 billion euros in turnover in 2020 built with 6 meat processing and transformation plants, 4 feed mills and 6 hatcheries, over 8,500 direct workers to which are added the 300 agents distributed mainly in Italy, the employees who work in the 800 farms and 360 road haulage companies.

This it is not the first earthquake that shakes the family structure of Amadori (technically a group of cooperatives), which still includes Flavio (Francesco’s son) and Denis. In 1998 there was the separation between the two brothers, Arnaldo left the company (but his heirs are still inside) collecting about forty billion lire, and moved first to Tanzania and then to Brazil, where he died five years does.

In 2014 there was another shock with the exit from the company of Germano Lucchi, a lifelong friend and partner of the Amadori brothers. The result was a civil suit that saw the first round in favor of Amadori, but which could end with an agreement before the appeal.

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