Amanda Serrano: “I won. OK?”

If he had won, perhaps the atmosphere of the activity held in the Arena Medalla of the Puerto Rico Convention District would not have had the same feeling.

The seven-division Puerto Rican champion, Amanda Serrano, returned on Friday to the Island where she was born after her historic fight at Madison Square Garden against Katie Taylor to share with her people, and was received by a handful of fans, pleneros and even a group of girls from the CEDIN Academy.

“Walking up here made me want to cry, because…”, the thought was suspended by sobs of emotion.

“These are things that one dreams of. I have worked very, very hard to make you guys proud of me. For my team. For my Island. I always go up with my flag because it gives me the strength to box with my whole body and all my mind to win.”

“This is the best part, returning to my Island to enjoy with you. It is an honor for my team, for all the women and I assure you that in the next fight I am going for a knockout”, he said before thanking his promoter, Jake Paul.

“I won. Okay?” she uttered, drawing applause from those in attendance. “I think I won six of the 10 rounds, so I won. What he didn’t know was what the judges were looking for and how much he had to persuade them to win. But at least one of the judges marked the fight as it was.”

Serrano, who will be spending the weekend fulfilling commitments with sponsors and enjoying the warmth of Puerto Ricans, was received by a group of pleneras, an all-female combo, and even saw the visit of a group of students from the CEDIN Academy, the laboratory school of the Interamerican University.

The influencer, boxer and promoter of Amanda, Jake Paul, was at her side and did not want to say many words when he went to the microphone to address those present.

“This is Amanda’s day. She is a legend for what she has done for women’s boxing and for the sport in general. I don’t think we can even fathom how big this moment in history is, but I’ll say something: Amanda won that fight, we’re going to come back and we’re going to beat Katie Taylor. That’s a fact,” said the Dorado resident and founder of Most Valuable Promotions (MVP).

Serrano said she has left negotiations over her next fight, whether it’s a rematch with Taylor or a return to 126 pounds, where she remains champion, to defend her crowns in the hands of her team.

Despite comments made on social media by Eddie Hearn, president of Matchroom Boxing, and Jake Paul himself, the idea of ​​a rematch is still in the preliminary stages.

“It’s too early to tell what’s going to happen, but it’s very likely that fight will be in Ireland,” Paul said of the matter.

Serrano, convinced that she won and that she will do it again, does not care about the venue.

“It doesn’t matter where the rematch is because I know that I can win that fight and it can be a knockout,” he concluded.

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