Amanda Seyfried faces her complexes showing off biceps

    It’s only been a few hours since the city of Los Angeles rise again like hostess of the Emmy Awards And, we all know what that means. Beyond acknowledging the work of the small big screen, awards are synonymous with red carpets. And, on this occasion, between impeccable stylistic bets, the Amanda Seyfried’s arms have managed to monopolize endless flashes.

    No, maybe they are not the most toned of the gala. In fact, depending on the snapshot they look more or less sculptedbut that Amanda appears with them in the open (and, even, that she boasted of them raising her award) is a true statement of intent that, we are already anticipating it, we are delighted.

    Amanda Seyfried shows off her biceps

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    Because yes, friends, like many of us (although it is difficult for us to admit it) the celebrities they also have complexes with their physique and, in the case of Amanda, her gaze -according to what she has commented in different interviews- stops at her arms; he doesn’t like the fat they have.

    And, at first glance, the solution seems simple: perform workouts to tone this part of the body well-as it is made up of six simple exercises, where the dumbbells manage to enhance the results-, however, not everything is always so simple. Let’s face it: we all have an area of ​​the body what do you need from more specific, more intense trainingto burn that fat, either because the belly refuses to show off with a six-pack in the style of Cristina Pedroche or legs that do not want to look as toned as those of Eva Longoria.

    And, sometimes, it does not mean that we like the routine to be carried out and, remember, sport beyond being a good habit It has to be something that motivates and likes. For example, no matter how fashionable boxing is, if you don’t like it… don’t practice it, make up for its results with other disciplines or, simply, mark yourself an Amanda Seyfried and boast of them facing your greatest fears or insecurities.

    Amanda Seyfried and the keys to her training

    As the actress herself dictated, she always try to pose with poses where the supposed sagging of your arms go completely unnoticed. What’s more, he even manages to make the apparent bat wings disappear (although, beyond knowing how to pose, these arm exercises to finish them off also help, we’re not going to lie) between flash and flash.

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    In fact, for some time now,The actress tries to overcome this complex doing Pure Barre classes (even the occasional tennis match). Although, this is a discipline where the movements of ballet, pilates and yoga intermingle without using heavy weights and where, truthfully, you tend to see a global result of the body. Hence, her silhouette looks impressively toned and her arms, little by little, acquire greater definition.

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