Amanda Seyfried has a top hair secret but it’s not the healthiest


Amanda Seyfried she has always remained faithful to her long and voluminous hair.

The 34-year-old American actress revealed to Harper’s Bazaar to keep her hair healthy by avoiding electric tools to treat it.

“I like having clean skin and taking care of my hair,” said Amanda.

“My secret is to avoid drying my hair with a hairdryer and also to prevent them from drying out when not necessary. To feel good, I need to look natural as much as possible, ”Amanda Seyfried specified.

The star of the movie Oh Mama! she admits to leaving her hair damp, but this doesn’t seem to be the healthiest move.

If at the sea the hair dries quickly, in winter or in the mid-seasons this drying method could be harmful for those suffering from migraines or stiff necks.

Therefore, we believe that it is an incorrect habit to follow, albeit very common also in the Nordic countries.

Other solutions to make hair drying faster.

If you really don’t like hair dryers and straighteners, you can at least opt ​​for tools that halve the action times.

This is the case of Aquitex, sold by Sephora, both in the turban and rectangular version.


It is an ultra-light hair towel that, as stated on the French brand’s website, is produced with ultra-fine fibers divided into threads that are finer than silk.

Its special light texture is ideal for all hair types.

How is it used? It must be washed before using it for the first time.

Subsequently, once the hair has been washed, it is necessary to bend forward so that the hair falls in front of the face.

Then wrap the damp hair. Let’s be clear: the times of use vary from hair to hair.

Then there are special sprays that allow quick drying such as Aveda speed of light blow dry accelerator.

A practical spary made with 90% naturally derived ingredients that halves the styling times.


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