Amanda Seyfried regrets nudity

regret nudity

Amanda Seyfried remembers her beginnings.

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amanda seyfried He talked about the difficulties he went through when he began his racethen with only 19 years had to “walk without underwear” as one of the requirements to act, and although from that time she understood that it was not a normal or correct situation, the actress did not express his nonconformity because he didn’t want to lose his job.


Seyfried began his race almost more than two decades ago, when he starred in the successful film “Mean Girls” in 2004, but in a recent interview for “Porter,” the actress The 36-year-old recalled (without giving many details of where and in front of whom it happened) that the following year she was asked to walk naked, and although she admitted that she did deliberatelyfelt very uncomfortable.

Although the actress He knew that it was not right to be asked for such an action, he carried it out so as not to disturb anyone and preserve his job, because I had the idea that it was the only way to continue in the seventh art industry. throughout his race.

  • Amanda has appeared in more than 40 movies.

“Are you kidding? How did I let that happen?” Seyfried said. “Oh, I know why: I was 19 years old and I didn’t want to upset anyone and I wanted to keep my job, that’s why,” she detailed to the magazine.

Seyfried, who is currently nominated for the Emmyadded that he would have liked that at the beginning of his race the so-called “intimacy coordinators” were used, as is the case today, to have avoided this kind of episode: “They are a requirement on the set and the actors are in a better position to speak,” he said.

Intimacy coordinators ensure that no “spontaneous” events occur during scenes where the cast must be in close proximity, such as during kissing or bedside appearances.

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