Amara La Negra shows exercise routine after giving birth

singer and actress amara the black showed how he has recovered his figure quickly three months after giving birth to their twins Your Highness and Your Majesty.

The famous resident of Miami, Florida, received criticism from the so-called ‘haters’ by suggesting that the interpreter of “Ay” had undergone surgery to recover her post-maternity body.

But she was not silent and shared a video of her daily walk as part of the exercise routine, visibly sweating, showing that it was the result of exercise and good nutrition.

“Girl, please stop lying to these people. It takes months to get your body back,” one Instagram user wrote, while others claimed that she got her silhouette back with liposuction.

“Not everyone is the same! Why do I have to lie? Where is the lie! I just had two babies 3 months ago! How do you fake that!” she replied.

In the aforementioned video, he placed a motivating message:

“#BodiedByAmara reset your mind! Reprogram your mind! If you can visualize it! Focus! Strive to have the discipline you need to accomplish your goals! Motivate! Seek the motivation! You can achieve anything! Everything is in your mind and what you are willing to sacrifice and change to achieve it! Sometimes life gets complicated and takes you off track! But every day counts STOP thinking about what you want to do and start! Just do it! One step forward It’s better than sitting around! It’s Productive Monday! Let’s go.”

Amara announced that she was pregnant with twins in November 2021. The babies were born on March 23, 2022 via cesarean section.

The singer has not stopped working and is that she takes her little ones to the recording set helped by her mother and the grandmother of Sualteza and Sumajestad, Ana María Oleaga.

In the 50 most beautiful of People en Español

Tokischa, Francisca, Romeo Santos, Juani Féliz, Amara la Negra, Natti Natasha, Yailín la Más Viral and Lourdes Stephen They are the Dominicans who this year were included in the list of the 50 most beautiful of People in Spanish magazine.

This year, the magazine divided into four categories: Beautiful of music, beautiful momsartists who are leaving their mark where they have stepped and others who have had new dawns, both personally and professionally in 2022.

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Amara la Negra shares a detailed description of her twins on social networks. (INSTAGRAM)

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