Amaury Vergara assures that he will take action against fans who threatened rivals

Two Chivas supporters were recorded while making gun detonation signs and death threats to a sector of Atlas fans

Two fans of Chivas They were captured on video while making signs with their hands in allusion to detonating firearms and issuing death threats against a sector of followers of the Atlas who attended the first leg in the quarterfinals of the Closure 2022 held at the Akron Stadium between both teams, so the owner of the Flock, Amaury Vergara assured that he will attend to the case.

At the end of the duel, with a 1-2 victory for the red and black team, the disturbance in the stands of the Chivas It was evident, because it is the state rival, so, without any valid justification, the aforementioned incident occurred.

“I want to report a crazy guy who was shooting with a finger gun inside the Akron Stadium Who can take care of this case, @Amauryvz?”, Twitter user @soyluisnino pointed out this Friday afternoon.

“Count on it, thank you,” he replied. Amaury Vergara within a few hours.

The directive of Chivas intends to end similar situations in the stands of the Akron Stadiumso the owner of the team assured that he would take action on the matter, after eradicating the animation groups after what happened on March 5 at the Corregidora Stadium.

For their part, many fans of the Guadalajara They disapproved of the action of the two followers who were captured on video, as it is one of the main aspects that football fans seek to eradicate.

After the act of violence in Querétaro, the animation groups of Chivas they have not entered the Akron Stadium in a specific area, since they do not have the support of the board in the area where they are usually placed, however, they have attended the duels in different areas of the building.

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