Amaury Vergara breaks statutes and opens the door of Chivas to Mexican soccer players who represent other teams

The president of Chivas, Amaury Vergara, opened the possibility for Mexican players who defend other teams to reach the team, a situation that was previously impossible due to the statutes imposed by his father

Amaury Vergara broke the padlock that prevented the arrival to Chivas from mexican soccer players representing a national team other than Mexico. The signing of Leslie Ramírez for Women’s Chivas It is the first hiring of a player of Mexican nationality, but who plays for Guatemala, breaking with the player eligibility statutes that Guadalajara published in 2012.

ESPN has knowledge by people close to the environment of the rojiblanco club that, by indication of Amaury Vergara The player was allowed to continue representing Guatemala at the National Team level, a situation that was previously prohibited by the board, according to its own statutes and the same that were informed to the fans in general through a press release in November 2012.

The arrival of Leslie Ramírez to Women’s Chivas opens the door so that in the future mexican players who play for other teams can make it to the men’s team, they commented to ESPN sources with knowledge of the decision Amaury Vergaraa situation that was completely closed before and that the team president himself is aware that they are in a globalized world.

The decision of Amaury Vergara only modifies one of the eligibility rules of soccer players for Guadalajara and at no time is the opening to foreign players considered.

What are the player eligibility rules at Chivas?

Leslie Ramírez has three nationalities. He was born in the United States, his father is Mexican and his mother is Guatemalan. She was a striker for ZFK Masinac Trace, from Serbia, where she had recently signed, but the scouting system of the Guadalajara detected it as a reinforcement for Clausura 2022.

Women’s Chivas raised the situation of the player, who recently began to be considered for the Guatemalan National Team, and due to the previous rules in Guadalajarathe hiring decision was sent to the Sports Council and it was the same Amaury Vergara who gave the green light for the arrival of Leslie Ramírez.

The eligibility rules players in chivas they were issued in 2012 and stipulate that those born in national territory are considered Mexicans; those born abroad of Mexican parents, even if they are Mexicans by naturalization; as well as those born in Mexican vessels or aircraft.

However, Chivas closed the possibility of the arrival of players with Mexican nationality that “they have the possibility of being a member of the National Team of another country, they will not have a place in the red and white institution”.

“On Guadalajarawill only and exclusively be admitted mexican players and those who choose to play with the Mexican National Team,” the statement said.

One of the cases in which the rule was applied was with Alejandro Zendejas, a soccer player born in Ciudad Juárez and who participated with youth teams in the United States.

The striker had to give up defending the United States National Team when Chivas closed his transfer from FC Dallas in 2016.

Amaury Vergara broke the lock on arrival at Chivas from mexican players that they were not eligible to defend the Mexican National Team, although people with knowledge of the decision indicated that the statutes of the Guadalajara they must be approved by all club members, a situation that has yet to be ratified.

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