Amaury Vergara will take action for inciting violence against Atlas fans in the Clásico Tapatío

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El Rebaño continues to fight to keep football away from violence and that is why the team president will take action on the matter in a situation that arose at the Akron Stadium.


Chivas is one of the teams that has spoken out the most against violence in soccer stadiums, so the team president, Amaury Vergara, has not tempted his heart and has even prohibited entry to its animation groups to avoid incidents; however, inappropriate behavior by some fans continues to show up at Akron Stadium.

During the first leg of the quarterfinals between Guadalajara and Atlas, the rojiblanco fans did not behave up to the task and once again gave cause for discussion due to their bad behaviour, since they sang the forbidden cry during goalkeeper Camilo Vargas’s clearances.

However, the passion between both hobbies overflowed when a couple of attendees wearing Flock jerseys got into a heated argument with Fox fans that they were in the upper part of the stadium, in which even the Chivas fans made signs simulating firearms and that they were shooting at the visiting club.

This video was shared on social networks, where an Atlas fan made a call to Amaury Vergara to take action on the matterbecause this type of behavior must be eradicated from the soccer fields, for which the owner of Guadalajara replied: count on it, thank you”, to channel it to the relevant area.

When will the return match be played?

The second episode of the series between Chivas and Atlas will be played next Sunday at the Jalisco Stadium field at 6:00 p.m. Central Mexico time, where the Zorros would have the ticket to the next round with any win, draw or even falling by a goal difference.

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