Amazon brings safe delivery to Italy: you will need the password to collect expensive packages

The application says package delivered, but no one has ever received it. A serious problem for Amazon, which especially in recent periods where the company is struggling with various problems related to shipments and returns that do not arrive and disappear.

A possible solution, which secures shipments containing valuables, now arrives in Italy and is called Safe Delivery. Amazon introduced it very recently and it is used automatically for those objects of a certain price and for small technological objects that running can be “tempted” to leave in the garden, or to deliver to the first one who passes by. Inside the package, however, there may be an expensive smartphone.

Operation is very simple: to receive the parcel from the courier, you must communicate a six-digit password, a sort of password.

The password is sent by Amazon to the account address after the product is shipped, and of course it is only sent for those products for which Amazon thinks safe delivery is needed.
If the email is not found, it is still possible to trace the single-use password by selecting “Track my package in the order section of the Amazon app or site.

The password is valid until the end of the delivery day, and of course it can be shared with a trusted person who can receive the package instead of the user. If the rush arrives and no one can receive the package, or no one knows the password, it will attempt delivery the next day.

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