Amazon Fire TV Cable with Ethernet Adapter

If you have the possibility to connect the Amazon Fire TV to the internet via the Ethernet port, then don’t miss it, also because you just need to buy the Amazon adapter. In fact, with € 14.99 you are giving yourself this possibility that improves the use of the platform in several respects.

First of all in fact it solves the problem of those who, perhaps due to the excessive distance from the router, found themselves having to use it enduring a weak WiFi signal and therefore with a rather slow network. For a device that thrives on streaming, this means finding yourself with videos that can be interrupted several times and at any time, with the classic buffering wheel that rotates endlessly.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is that in this way you do not have to manage the priorities of the connected WiFi devices: passing through the Ethernet, in fact, the internet is always available and without weighing on the signal of other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which instead would be more inconvenient to use with a cable connected to the network.

fire tv amazon ethernet adapter

In some cases, you could have an Ethernet socket close to the TV, while the router is somewhere else: in these cases an adapter like this is the best solution because it allows you to get around the first problem mentioned, which is that of the signal. Weak WiFi over long distances.

Furthermore, those who usually turn off WiFi when not in use – perhaps even to give “rules” at home by offering navigation only at certain times – by connecting the Fire TV to the internet via cable, they can still use the TV and services accessible even when WiFi is turned off at the source.

Finally, there is no doubt that the wired connection compared to the wireless one is more stable and faster in all conditions, and for a device that, as we said, works mainly with streaming content, maximizing this aspect is certainly a priority.

fire tv amazon ethernet adapter

Those who decide to buy it do not even have to ask themselves the problem of operation, because installation and configuration are even simpler than the wireless association: in fact, just connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 socket of the router and the other end to the RJ45 of the adapter, which then must be connected to the Fire TV via the soldered cable. The power supply cable must be connected to the other microUSB socket on the side of the Ethernet port. For the more technical – we read in the comments of those who bought it – if you want, there is also the possibility to switch from DHCP mode (active by default) to a fixed IP through the ad hoc network settings.

The price as we said is 14.99 euros and can be bought directly on Amazon, of course. The version currently available is compatible with Fire TV Stick Lite, 2nd and 3rd Generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Cube, 3rd Generation Fire TV and Fire TV Basic Edition.

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