Amazon Prime: Deep Water, Diabolical and the premieres for March 2022

Ben Affleck plays Vic Van Allen, who is a partner of Melinda Van Allen (Anne of Arms). The two are a well-to-do couple from New Orleans whose marriage begins to unravel from resentment, jealousy, and mistrust. Deep Waters, directed by British director Adrián Lyne, is based on the novel by American writer Patricia Highsmith.

Master – March 18

Gail Bishop and Jasmine Moore, two African-American women, begin to share their disturbing experiences at a predominantly white New England college. The series stars Regina Hall (known from Scary Movie) and Zoe Renée (known to Jinn).

No Particular Signs – March 1


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Magdalena begins a journey throughout Mexico in search of her son, who disappeared and died while trying to cross the border into the United States, at least according to what the authorities tell her, whom Magdalena does not believe. Along the way, she meets Miguel, who has just been deported to Mexico and is traveling to meet his mother. Justos undertake the journey, Magdalena looking for her son and Miguel hoping to meet her mother again.

Neither Yours nor Mine – March 18

Roberto and Amanda are the wealthy couple that everyone wants to be. However, one day Amanda discovers that her perfect husband is having an affair with a flamenco dancer. To attract her partners again, Amanda decides to ally herself with a street musician named Diego, who is also Lía’s partner. What they don’t know is the endearing bond they will form during their mission.


Spider-Man: No Way Home – March 24


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The highest grossing film of 2021 will be available in the Prime Store. In this latest installment of Tom Holland What spider-man, the superhero will be in personal conflicts because everyone knows his true identity. Asking Doctor Strange for help turning back time, his spell will rip a hole in the world and unleash the most powerful villains who have fought Spider-Man in other universes. Now, Peter will have to overcome his greatest challenge yet, one that will not only forever alter his own future, but also the future of the Multiverse.

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