Amazon Prime: TV series and movies. What to see in January


TOmazon Prime in January begins with the third season of American Gods and with a feast of movies and series on Lupine III, the most famous animated thief on TV.

But don’t even get lostThe Great Escapists with two special castaways (the tv hosts Richard Hammond And Tory Belleci) on a desert island, the documentary about the young climate champion I am Greta, the film with Pierfracesco Favino Our father And One Night in Miami, in which four champions of sport, music and civil rights (Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Jim Brown And Sam Cooke) they meet on a special night in 1964.

If you want lightness and escape, don’t miss the musical with evergreen songs by Raffaella Carrà Dance dance, the teen movie On the most beautiful and comedy Can you keep a secret?, taken from the best-seller of the same name Sophie Kinsella.

The January series on Amazon Prime

American Gods 3. From 11 January

Third season for the epic and supernatural TV series starring the former convict Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) and the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), actually the glassy-eyed character is none other than the father is Shadow and the God Odin descended to Earth. The battle between ancient and new gods has been going on for a while. In American Gods 3 Shadow he will try to find some peace to chart his new destiny, taking refuge in a snowy town from Wisconsin. But soon he will discover that he cannot escape the divine essence.

James May: Oh Cook!. From January 15th

In January, some cooking also on Amazon Prime. To guide us through dishes and recipes is James May (do you remember it in Top Gear?) who is not a chef. The series, in seven episodes, shows another point of view on the world of cooking. In fact, the British host will try to show that if you can cook a couple of dishes decently, you can cook anything. Perhaps! We come to say.

We will see him struggling with some of the 60 recipes collected in his book Oh Cook !: 60 easy recipes that any idiot can make. Each episode will be dedicated to a specific topic such as pasta, Indian food, cakes and roasts. From Mid January is also available on the platform for the fourth season of Mr. Robot with Rami Malek (the new villain of 25th 007). For those who have not yet seen what fate is up to Elliot what are you waiting for to enjoy the last piece of the successful series created by Sam Esmail?

amazon prime what to see in January

Conductor James May.

17 films and 2 series on Lupine III. From January 15th

In January on Amazon Prime you can have a feast of Lupine III. From the first seasons of the Japanese series The Adventures of Lupine III And The new adventures of Lupine III of the seventies, ai 17 movies about the legendary thief invented by the pen of Monkey Punch, up to the most recent (2019) Lupine III: The First, in which Lupine is brought back to the big screen in a CGI version. The original subject was signed Punch himself.

A nostalgic journey between laughter and theft together with Lupine, to his friends Jigen And Goemon, to the beautiful Fujiko (became in Italy Margot) and the perennial defeated inspector Zenigata.

The Greatest Escapists. From 29 January

The Great Escapists tells the story of two castaways on a desert island. Who are the unfortunates? The reckless conductors Richard Hammond (The Grand Tour) And Tory Belleci (MythBusters). This time they test themselves trying to survive without any livelihood, but, above all, will they be able to invent something to leave the island? They will be inspired by Tom Hanks in Cast away?

At the end of January (from 22) eyes open also on the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, created by Emmy winner Mike McMahan. It all takes place in 2380 and focuses on the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important spaceships, the USS Cerritos.

hatching see on amazon prime in January

Movies on Amazon Prime in January

Our father. From 10 January

One of the most popular titles of the Venice Film Festival 2020: Our father with Pierfrancesco Favino. The film of Claudio Noce catapult us in 1976: Alfonso (Broad bean) suffers an attack by a group of terrorists. Witnessing the scene, which he will not easily forget, is the 10-year-old son Valerio (Mattia Garaci), together with his mother. The point of view of the film is unprecedented: that of a child who with his eyes he observes the years of lead unaware. His summer is turned upside down, but friendship with a boy a little older than him will make that moment of life seem less dark.

Also from Venice comes on Prime Video I am Greta, intimate documentary by the Swedish director Nathan Grossman, on the now very famous Greta Thunberg, a few days of age. Starting with the lone strike outside the Swedish parliament, Grossman follows the activist in his fight in the name of climate, up to tell the trip on a sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean to travel to New York and speak to the UN during the Climate Summit. Already available on the platform.


On the most beautiful. From 8 January

Martha (Ludovica Francesconi) is 19 years old and has a genetic disease, but she is nice, sunny and like every girl of her age she dreams of a great love story with the most beautiful boy. Yes, Marta is aiming very high. Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio, Suburra – the series), whom she knows at a party, seems to be making her case: this time she feels it’s the right time. Between the two, however, the fierce Beatrice is placed, who is ready to mess up Marta’s dream. Alice Filippi’s romantic teen movie follows in the footsteps of successes such as The sun at midnight.

Another Italian film available, The room by Stefano Lodovichi, a psychological thriller that follows three characters: Giulio (Guido Caprino), Stella (Camilla Filippi) and Sandro (Edoardo Pesce). The morning when Stella decides to take her own life, a stranger knocks on the door who seems to know her well. When he also knocks Sandro, the man who broke her heart, the situation degenerates.

cos see on amazon in january

Guido Caprino, one of the protagonists of the thriller “The room”.

One Night in Miami. From January 15th

The film is based on the play of the same name directed by Regina King, One Night in Miami, which tells of that special night in which four men who made history met. We are in 1964, Cassius Clay (Eli Goree) defeats the heavyweight champion Sonny Liston at the Miami Convention Hall. Just that evening the boxing champion celebrates the victory together with three friends: Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.) e Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge).

Four personalities who have left their mark on the history of sport, music and above all civil rights. After 40 years, their words on racial injustices ring more vividly than ever. The film was presented at the Venice Film Festival.

Dance Dance. From 25 January

It is a Spanish musical comedy set in the seventies that has already made headlines at the San Sebastian festival. To punctuate the story of Maria (Ingrid Garcia Jonsson), a girl who loves artistic freedom and dance, are the great hits of Raffaela Carrà: from to You start making love to Fiesta to Best wishes – How beautiful it is to make love from Trieste downwards. in conclusion Dance dance is a journey through lightness, passion, music and many colorful dresses.

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what to see on Amazon in January

It’s available from 20 January on Amazon Prime another comedy: Can you keep a secret? The film is based on the best-selling book of the same name Sophie Kinsella. It all starts on a plane that seems to be about to crash: Emma Panicked (Alexandra Daddario) tells her secrets to her neighbor, unaware that the stranger (Tyler Hoechlin) is none other than the CEO of the company she works for. Now that he knows all of hers what will happen?



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