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September is coming to an end on Amazon Prime Video with a variety of movie and series releases, including some that are causing a stir on social media. To keep up to date with all the news on the Amazon streaming platform, check here weekly Canaltech, a list of all the titles that debuted in recent days.

Last week, two releases didn’t leave subscribers’ mouths: The girl who killed her parents NS The boy who killed my parents. Both films talk about the case of Susan von Richthofen, sentenced for the death of her parents by her friend and brother-in-law Daniel and Christian Kravinus. While one film shows the crime from the point of view of Susan, played by Carla Diaz, the other approaches murder from the point of view of Daniel (Leonardo Bettencourt). Both films are now available on Prime Video.

Already in the mood for Halloween, with October just around the corner, Amazon Prime Video has released some classic horror movies for a good marathon: cursed harvestAnd Cursed Harvest 2 – The Last SacrificeAnd Colheita Maldita 3 – Urban harvestAnd Halloween: night of fearAnd Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers NS Halloween 5 – Michael Myers’ Revenge.

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The film also made it to Amazon’s streaming service Mother!, with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, who tells the strange story of a couple who begin to receive many guests in the house, and begin a series of events, each stranger than the other.

For those who love series, the Prime Video catalog has received French production The secrets of the Rushville mansion, which takes place between 1893 and 1968, and shows the relationship between the Rochville and Cavalli families, which is full of mystery. The series is also for the first time promises of loveIt follows the life of Tatiana, who lives with her two daughters and faces a change in her life after spending decades distrusting the men in her family.


Another interesting addition to the platform was the new series italian dinner, which traces the life of Carlo Krakow and his six journeys through Italy to rediscover the cuisine of his country, accompanied by famous actors in each of his destinations. Also noteworthy is the fourth season of the series Goliath, which tells the story of Billy McBride, the attorney responsible for creating one of the most powerful law firms in the world, and who was fired not only for disagreements with a colleague, but also for misconduct.

You can now also watch some action movies on Prime Video, such as triangle of fear, which still conveys a touch of science fiction and fantasy; classic Dragon heartWith Jackie Chan. the long There are no traces, on an intriguing disappearance; And (in) insurance, which brings a touching story with a lot of drama and suspense.

Finally you can also watch the movie English spy, which is already among the most viewed on the streaming platform, follows the life of Greville Wynne, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, a British businessman recruited by Secret Intelligence to deliver messages to a secret agent in the 1960s in real events.

These were just a few of the movies and series that debuted on the streaming platform last week and that Canaltech Highlight them to keep an eye on them. But there’s a lot more to Amazon Prime Video’s full list of releases this week.

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